▼ 8 6 15 .. 2 9 13 Anti-Korea 反韓 Zaitokukai 在特会 Hate-Speech ヘイトスピーチ Shin-Okubo 新大久保 Tokyo 東京 Japan 日本

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publishedAt: 2015/08/07 12:34:02

▼ Japanese Racists assault Korean school

This criminals colled "ZAITOKUKAI" assault Korean school. This is overriding action also for them. ZAITOKUKAI is very famous Racist group in Japan.

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publishedAt: 2010/07/13 07:02:19

▼ 橋下市長vs桜井会長 [English sub]

Mayor Hashimoto and Zaitokukai Sakurai have a meeting in Osaka city office.

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▼ 11 - Zaitokukai at osaka immigration office

reporting the actions of cove guardians in Taiji, cove guardians are abusing the tourist visa.

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▼ 7 - Zaitokukai in pursuit - harassing the police

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▼ Japanese Antifa: It is growing and here is why.

Japanese Antifa is a group already taking action. They might not be as violent and European Antifa but they are effective. Antifa in Japan is growing and here is ...

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▼ [ENGSUB] Lets Genocide All of Koreans! Japanese MiddleSchool Girl Saying

http://english.anti-risingsunflag.net/ Before the eventual fall in 1945, the occupied territories of Japanese empire boasted its enormity and the v…(YouTubeで読む)

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▼ Shiki Tomimasu & Sangyun Kim: "Report on the Supreme Court's ruling for compensation by Zaitokukai"

Shiki Tomimasu: Attorney-at-law, Lead Counsel for the Plaintiff, Kyoto Korean Elementary School / Sangyun Kim: Parent of Kyoto Korean Elementary School ...

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▼ 13 - zaitokukai at osaka immigration 3

reporting the actions of cove guardians in Taiji, cove guardians are abusing the tourist visa.

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▼ Japan’s Hate Debate: To Crush Free Speech or Protect Racism?

Osaka Mayor, Tōru Hashimoto, got in a shouting match with Makoto Sakurai, the head of a group called Zaitokukai, over the topic of HATE SPEECH! Koichi asks ...

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▼ 在特会、東北進出! zaitokukai заитокукаи

講演会を終えて、懇親会へ向かうときの様子。 ☆Radical citizens movement on behalf of Japan Not Rightist Not Radical Right Not Fascist New tide to resist ...

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▼ 「激突!ウヨクVS右翼」第1部ダイジェスト zaitokukai vs right-wing similar

アンチの妨害で、せっかくのイベントが台無し。 The anti-zaitokukai right-winger who is sympathetic to Korea interferes with an event. Анти-zaitokukai правого...

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▼ 2 - Zaitokukai Team Kansai attacking Cove Guardian

Parking lot of The Cove next to the police box.

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▼ Popular Zaitokukai & Koreans videos

Popular content related to Zaitokukai & Koreans.

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▼ 12 - zaitokukai at osaka immigration 2

reporting the actions of cove guardians in Taiji, cove guardians are abusing the tourist visa.

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▼ Mob violence by racist group which called "Zaitokukai"

Zaitokukai - They're The group of Neo Nazi in Japan. They hate Chinese, Koreans and so foreigners. They always shout racist slogans. They are a group of ...

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▼ Zaitokukai going to Taiji

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▼ 12 zaitokukai at osaka immigration 2

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▼ 在特会桜井誠と大阪市長橋下徹が大阪市役所内で激突!!2014年10月20日

在特会桜井誠(Makoto Sakurai,the leader of Zaitokukai,an anti-Korean group)と大阪市長橋下徹(Toru Hashimoto,Mayor of Osaka)が大阪市役所内(in Osaka City ...

publishedAt: 2014/10/20 17:07:41

▼ 【在特会】 桜井誠 奮戦リスト

在日特権を許さない市民の会HP⇒ http://www.zaitokukai.info/ 【在特会HP】10分で分かる在日特権Q&A⇒ http://www.zaitokukai.info/mo…(YouTubeで読む)

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▼ Popular Zaitokukai & チーム関西 videos

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▼ 5 - Zaitokukai driving around taiji

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▼ Iinterview of Sakurai chairperson of Zaitokukai

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▼ 【zaitokukai】 Makoto Sakurai

Bei letzt,Der New York Times kam für Berichterstattung. At last ,The New York Times came for coverage. Actually,it became the article.

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▼ 6 - Zaitokukai - Cove Guardian clash 2

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