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This is the story of the life & death of veeoneeye. TWIT - http://twitter.com/VEE3RDEYE INSTA - http://instagram.com…(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2018/09/05 06:29:50

▼ What happened between Veeoneeye & I // My Veeoneeye Story

What happened between Veeoneeye & I // My Veeoneeye Story This Veeoneeye video was hard to make and I'm super nervous to put this out there. I wanted to ...

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publishedAt: 2018/02/06 02:49:06

▼ VeeTwoEye

DAILY VLOG CHANNEL! This is where i film my life and show you what me and my friends get upto! Usually travelling the globe, i'm currently living out of a ...

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publishedAt: 2013/03/20 22:04:07

▼ VeeOneEye.

More of a serious topic that i wanted to address. Ania's video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z2R-DA7ryY ✖ Previous video ...

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The views in this video are completely mine, and not of any sponsor. Big thanks to VK for sponsoring this episode - you can suggest your own flavour here: ...

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▼ 7 Days on Kratom Ruined My Life

This Kratom experiment did not go as planned. I was expecting an energy booster & pain reliever, i got the opposite... This video was made for Harm Reduction ...

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I hope you enjoyed the video! Veeoneeye was once a simple Youtuber who made skits and vlogs but in 2014 allegations against him blossomed until he finally ...

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publishedAt: 2018/07/15 01:00:05

▼ Why I Can't Be With VeeOneEye — The VeeOneEye Truth

Why I Can't Be With VeeOneEye — The VeeOneEye Truth — The Jason VeeOneEye truth comes out. Why Jason VeeOneEye can't EVER be my boyfriend.

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This is a story all about how i took two tabs of acid and murdered my dog. The most beautiful and disturbing psychedelic experience i've ever had. I could have ...

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publishedAt: 2017/02/15 10:27:20

▼ i Spent 30 Days Away from People... (Here's what happened)

Hitting you guys with the raw uploads. This is just what i've been up to and how i've been feeling these past weeks. While i'm moving house again expect more ...

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▼ Apology

Things had to be said.... Discord - https://discord.gg/ef3HZKk Subscribe - http://youtube.com/veeoneeye.

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▼ Reacting to Victorias video about me

Was this necessary? New Merch soon! - http://fractals.store.

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Don't forget to subscribe to Jason & Me! :) (subscribe button at the top, duh) Jason's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/VeeOneEye.

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▼ Reading Hate Comments

Reading Hate Comments sent in by some of the craziest and angriest people on the planet. Thanks for the hate! But also the love Stephi's channel ...

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publishedAt: 2018/02/22 08:10:31

▼ A Message To A Rapist

An issue we need to address.

channelTitle: JaackMaate
publishedAt: 2014/10/14 07:50:22

▼ Changing My Life in 1825 Days

Five years ago i started uploading on this channel, since then i started a second channel, met a load of crazy other youtube people, travelled the world, bought 6 ...

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publishedAt: 2017/01/28 05:58:22

▼ A warning to 'fans'

Something I feel like I should share. If anyone wants any more clarification on this I may write a tumblr post, because this was very difficult to say it may seem a ...

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I rented this boyfriend off E-Bay. Subscribe to Jason! https://www.youtube.com/VeeOneEye Subscribe to ME! channelTitle: Marina Joyce
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this video took me far too long to make and i don't even know why, anyway here's my favourite vines, remade by me :D click here: ...

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publishedAt: 2014/05/19 06:43:25

▼ The Youtuber Who Got Away With Abusing His Fans

Today we're talking about a YouTuber who got away abusing his fans. Nothing was ever done and he's even still posting videos! Click here to Subscribe!

channelTitle: PapaTimmy
publishedAt: 2018/02/03 06:23:13

▼ This Is What Happened...

so you guys asked and here it is... this is what happened the two weeks we were away on the other side of the globe.. :) click here: ...

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▼ veeoneeye hair tutorial

This is what I get asked for the most so here it is. - Follow Jason on Facebook: http://facebook.com/VeeOneEyeforever - Follow Jason on Twitter: ...

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▼ Boyfriend / Girlfriend Tag — VeeOneEye 👩 💘 👨

Boyfriend / Girlfriend Tag — VeeOneEye with Victoria X Rave It happened: we got boyfriend / girlfriend tagged!! In this Bring on the questions, and they will be ...

channelTitle: Victoria X Rave
publishedAt: 2017/01/11 04:59:06

▼ My Digital Escape: Where Are They Now?

My Digital Escape was a collab channel that fell apart. Here's a brief history lesson on the brilliant scene crew. NEW MERCH - https://vee3rdeye.darkroom.tech…(YouTubeで読む)

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