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Edited video by my self. Dance Mirrored and Dance Tutorial and more. Thank you so much for subscribe! And Thanks for Watching my edited video^^ You can request for individual fancam mirrored!

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▼ Ahsan tasyida

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▼ Hhh tasyida 5/5

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Fanmade MV. Enjoy with my channel;) Wow... Congartulations 1M View . Thank you so much for view my fanmade and don't forget to subcribe.

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▼ [FMV]TWICE (트와이스) - "Eye Eye Eyes" M/V

"Sorry guys, this is just fanmade and not new mv from Twice & JYP Ent. This just for fun guys. But thanks to tell me about something, Thank you for ur understand:)

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publishedAt: 2017/06/12 06:42:45

▼ [Dance]I.O.I(아이오아이) _ Very Very Very(너무너무너무) Fancam Mirrored

I'm not own anything. Thanks for view. ⓒhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3OnsUAfmw_k.

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▼ [Dance]RED VELVET(레드벨벳) - 'RED FLAVOR'(빨간 맛)Mirrored Fancam

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▼ [Dance]WJSN(Cosmic Girls)(우주소녀) _ 'KISS ME' Mirrored Fancam

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▼ Hola Hola (J.sph Ver.) | K.A.R.D | Dance Cover | mirrored [ICHIGO]

I'M BACK! XD with a fast cover of KARD'S official debut song!! ..after like..... 23 takes omg. but YAAASSSSSSSSS I'm so proud of them!!!! been following them since their Don't Recall track....

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▼ [Acapella / Vocal Only] AKMU - MY DARLING

Credit : tasyida abada.

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▼ BTS 'Butterfly' Dance Mirrored & Slowed

Video cr to the rightfull owners. This is just made to learn the dance Have fun The original mirrored video belong to: TASYIDA I made the slow effect.

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