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Hi! I'm Mayuko. I make videos about my life and tech and stuff!

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publishedAt: 2010/10/04 18:01:34

▼ What's in my work backpack? //helloMayuko

Get 10% off your first purchase with squarespace.com/mayuko Hi! Been wanting to do this video for a while now. Here are the products mentioned in my video!

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publishedAt: 2018/06/15 09:00:02

▼ These are a few of my favorite things // May 2018 Favorites // helloMayuko

Hope y'all are having a lovely beginning of Summer! ☀ Don't forget, you are enough and you matter. ok now LET ME SHARE A FEW OF MY MY FAVORITE ...

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publishedAt: 2018/06/01 02:00:08

▼ 35 FACTS ABOUT ME & I talk about burning out //helloMayuko

Get 10% off your first purchase with squarespace.com/mayuko Hellooo everybody! Hope y'all are doing well. Today I thought I'd do something fun, lighthearted, ...

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publishedAt: 2018/04/13 11:21:52

▼ Software Engineering Q&A While Cooking! (ft. Mayuko!)

First 50 people get $50 off their first two weeks of Blue Apron, here!: https://cook.ba/2KcPUIl ▻ Sponsored by Blue Apron Matt Cho Cinematographer: ...

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publishedAt: 2018/04/27 23:51:04

▼ Work life balance as a Software Engineer? I answer your questions while we get coffee //helloMayuko

Get 10% off your first purchase with squarespace.com/mayuko Hellooo everybody! I'm finally answering some of the questions y'all have had about work life ...

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publishedAt: 2018/04/27 11:57:42

▼ WALKING OUT OF A MICROSOFT INTERVIEW and Other Career FAILS w/ Mayuko and CharliMarieTV

Have you ever had a low GPA? Failed a class? Walked out of a microsoft interview?... just me? I'm joined today by Mayuko (Software Engineer) and ...

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publishedAt: 2018/03/05 03:58:52

▼ hey Its mayuko

Thank you so much for all of your support on my channel x.

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publishedAt: 2015/03/23 23:38:38

▼ a day in the life of a software engineer

hi youtube here's my first video, giving you an inside look to a typical day in the life of me, a software engineer. hope you enjoy! x, mayuko Follow me on: Twitter: ...

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publishedAt: 2017/07/18 06:52:10

▼ a day in the life of a software engineer | weekend edition

Hi! It's been a long time since I did a vlog! Here's a look at my day from yesterday (Saturday). I did a similar style as my day in the life of a software engineering ...

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publishedAt: 2018/02/26 15:05:20

▼ Interview with an iOS Engineer (ft. Mayuko)

Free Resume/Cover Letter Template http://learn.joma.io/ ▻JomaSwag Merch https://jomaswag.com/ ▻Music I use: channelTitle: Joma Tech
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▼ Q & A | We answer your questions about Software Engineering!

Hey everyone! Today's video is a special collaboration that I did with my good friend Jarvis! We answer questions about Software Engineering that you've asked ...

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publishedAt: 2017/09/23 04:00:52

▼ First Impressions of Mayuko Jarvis and Joma!

We decided to play a game where we write down 3 words for each person that described their first impressions. Mayuko ...

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publishedAt: 2018/03/19 06:40:09

▼ get ready (for 2018) with me // 2017 reflections and 2018 resolutions

Happy New Year! Get ready for 2018 with me in this chatty video where I put on my face and talk about my reflections on 2017 and my resolutions for 2018.

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publishedAt: 2018/01/01 14:54:00


Get 10% off your first purchase with squarespace.com/mayuko Hii everyone! I get lotsa questions about this topic and I'm FINALLY MAKING VIDEO(s) about it!

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publishedAt: 2018/05/09 03:23:20

▼ How to get a Software Engineering Internship | mayuko x JoMa

Hey friends! Long time no see! I'm back with a video about Software Engineering internships, with my friend JoMa! We talk about why internships are important ...

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publishedAt: 2017/12/08 05:00:50

▼ Building an iOS App? An Intro to Xcode, Apple's code editor // helloMayuko

Get 10% off your first purchase with squarespace.com/mayuko ~ Building an iOS App? An Intro to Xcode, Apple's code editor ~ Download Xcode here: ...

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publishedAt: 2018/05/23 09:00:01

▼ What I Wish I Knew as a Computer Science Student (feat. Mayuko) - TheTechTwins

This week, we are so excited to welcome a special guest, Mayuko, to do a college student vs. full time engineer interview about what she wishes she knew as an ...

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publishedAt: 2018/04/04 23:56:11

▼ My journey into Software Engineering

Hello everyone! Today's video is about my journey into Software Engineering. I plan on making more videos for specific tips on college, studying Computer ...

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publishedAt: 2017/08/11 02:18:54

▼ Python? Javascript? What programming language should you learn? // helloMayuko

Hey everybody! I finally made a video answering the most popular question I get: "what programming language should I learn?" I hope you liked the goofy skit at ...

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publishedAt: 2018/02/13 02:00:01


Me and my friend Mayuko pick random youtube challenges out of a hat. We do compliment wars, the accent challenge, the roast yourself challenge, try not to ...

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publishedAt: 2017/09/23 04:03:30

▼ I went to a women in tech conference! | VLOG

Hey y'all! Today is my first/second vlog, where I bring you along with me to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing! I had such an amazing time ...

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publishedAt: 2017/10/19 23:07:12

▼ 6 reasons why i love being a software engineer

Hey y'all, I'm back with another video, this time with 6 reasons why I love being a software engineer. I hope those of you who are studying Computer Science ...

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publishedAt: 2017/07/31 11:13:34

▼ How to prepare for Technical Interviews

Hello friends! Today I'm talking about my tips and tricks for how to prepare for the technical interview! Hope you all find this useful! — 0:44 - Tip 1: Study for your ...

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publishedAt: 2018/01/22 10:42:01

▼ 紅 MAYUKO.Ver 【豊田真由子】


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私の嫌いな探偵 DVD−BOX
[キャスト]白石隼也/玉木宏/剛力彩芽/内藤理沙/鹿沼憂妃/安田美沙子/渡辺いっけい[スタッフ]原作:東川篤哉/音楽:MAYUKO/音楽:得田真裕/脚本:福田雄一/演出:塚本連平/演出:片山修/演出:… (続きを読む)


オトナ女子 DVD−BOX
【DVD】篠原涼子(シノハラ リヨウコ)/発売日:2016/03/16/PCBC-61750//[キャスト]篠原涼子/吉瀬美智子/鈴木砂羽/谷原章介/江口洋介/市川実和子/平山あや/吉沢亮/東加奈子/… (続きを読む)


ホテルコンシェルジュ DVD−BOX
【DVD】西内まりや(ニシウチ マリヤ)/発売日:2015/12/25/TCED-2866//[キャスト]西内まりや/三浦翔平/尾美としのり/夏菜/小関裕太/山田裕貴/敦士/池津祥子/武田航平/浅利陽… (続きを読む)


★BD/国内TVドラマ/私の嫌いな探偵 Blu-ray BOX(Blu-ray)
■タイトル:私の嫌いな探偵 Blu-ray BOX(Blu-ray)■アーティスト:国内TVドラマ(剛力彩芽、玉木宏、白石隼也、東川篤哉、MAYUKO、得田真裕)■発売日:2014年7月2日■品種:B… (続きを読む)


早子先生,結婚するって本当ですか? DVD-BOX〈5枚組〉
PCBC-61759 〈第1話〉実家暮らし34歳独身女が幸せ探す物語!笑って泣いて元気が出るドラマ〈第2話〉初めてお見合い!?優しい嘘と哀しい現実〈第3話〉吉岡秀隆登場!衝撃の出会い!?忘れられない女… (続きを読む)


★DVD/国内TVドラマ/ホテルコンシェルジュ DVD-BOX (本編ディスク5枚+特典ディスク1枚)
■タイトル:ホテルコンシェルジュ DVD-BOX (本編ディスク5枚+特典ディスク1枚)■アーティスト:国内TVドラマ(西内まりや、三浦翔平、尾美としのり、末廣健一郎、笹野芽実、MAYUKO)■発売日… (続きを読む)


HOPE〜期待ゼロの新入社員〜 DVD-BOX〈5枚組〉
PCBC-61761 〈第1回〉会社の現実に立ち向かえ!コネ入社の最弱ヒーロー〈第2回〉大逆転!?運命のプレゼン試験〈第3回〉事件勃発 上司の危機を救え!!〈第4回〉僕が会社を辞めなかった理由〈第5回… (続きを読む)


HOPE〜期待ゼロの新入社員〜 DVD BOX
[キャスト]中島裕翔/遠藤憲一/瀬戸康史/山本美月/桐山照史/マギー/中村ゆり/丸山智己/松田賢二/松澤一之/遠山俊也/矢柴俊博/桜田通/加治将樹/渡辺邦斗/山内圭哉/朝加真由美/風間杜夫[スタッフ]… (続きを読む)


早子先生,結婚するって本当ですか? DVD-BOX (DVD) (5枚組) (2016/10/5発売)
【ただ今クーポン発行中です】【商品番号】 PCBC-61759【関連キーワード】:山内圭哉|松坂慶子|尾藤イサオ|八嶋智人|佐藤仁美|中江功|貫地谷しほり|水橋文美江|松下奈緒|佐藤源太|MAYUKO… (続きを読む)


私が恋愛できない理由 DVD−BOX
【DVD】香里奈/吉高由里子/大島優子(カリナ/ヨシタカ ユリコ/オオシマ ユウ)/発売日:2012/03/30/ASBP-5316//演出:石井祐介/並木道子 脚本:山崎宇子/坂口理子 音楽:末廣健… (続きを読む)


オトナ女子 Blu−ray BOX(Blu−ray Disc)
【Blu-ray】篠原涼子(シノハラ リヨウコ)/発売日:2016/03/16/PCXC-60071//[キャスト]篠原涼子/吉瀬美智子/鈴木砂羽/谷原章介/江口洋介/市川実和子/平山あや/吉沢亮/東… (続きを読む)


逃げるは恥だが役に立つ DVD-BOX (DVD) (6枚組) (2017/3/29発売)
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逃げるは恥だが役に立つ Blu−ray BOX(Blu−ray Disc)
【Blu-ray】新垣結衣(アラガキ ユイ)/発売日:2017/03/29/TCBD-602//[キャスト]新垣結衣/星野源/大谷亮平/藤井隆/真野恵里菜/成田凌/山賀琴子/富田靖子/宇梶剛士/古田新… (続きを読む)


★BD/国内TVドラマ/ホテルコンシェルジュ Blu-ray BOX(Blu-ray) (本編ディスク3枚+特典ディスク1枚)
■タイトル:ホテルコンシェルジュ Blu-ray BOX(Blu-ray) (本編ディスク3枚+特典ディスク1枚)■アーティスト:国内TVドラマ(西内まりや、三浦翔平、尾美としのり、末廣健一郎、笹野芽… (続きを読む)


オトナ女子 Blu−ray BOX(Blu−ray Disc)
[キャスト]篠原涼子/吉瀬美智子/鈴木砂羽/谷原章介/江口洋介/市川実和子/平山あや/吉沢亮/東加奈子/藤村聖子/堀口ひかる/平埜生成/矢部昌暉/浦上晟周/千葉雄大/平山浩行/斎藤工/池田成志[スタッ… (続きを読む)


HOPE〜期待ゼロの新入社員〜 Blu−ray BOX(Blu−ray Disc)
[キャスト]中島裕翔/遠藤憲一/瀬戸康史/山本美月/桐山照史/マギー/中村ゆり/丸山智己/松田賢二/松澤一之/遠山俊也/矢柴俊博/桜田通/加治将樹/渡辺邦斗/山内圭哉/朝加真由美/風間杜夫[スタッフ]… (続きを読む)


オトナ女子 ブルーレイ BOX (ブルーレイ) (3枚組)
【ただ今クーポン発行中です】【商品番号】PCXC-60071 【関連キーワード】:江口洋介|市川実和子|篠原涼子|尾崎将也|谷原章介|池田成志|鈴木砂羽|斎藤工|平山あや|中野利幸|関野宗紀|藤村聖子… (続きを読む)


★BD/国内TVドラマ/ホテルコンシェルジュ Blu-ray BOX(Blu-ray) (本編ディスク3枚+特典ディスク1枚)
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ホテルコンシェルジュ ブルーレイ BOX (ブルーレイ) (4枚組)
【ただ今クーポン発行中です】【商品番号】TCBD-0502 【関連キーワード】:伊武雅刀|高橋克典|池津祥子|植田尚|尾美としのり|若村麻由美|今井和久|松田裕子|浅利陽介|武田航平|李正姫|夏菜|西… (続きを読む)


逃げるは恥だが役に立つ Blu-ray BOX〈4枚組〉
TCBD-0602 [1]〜[3]〈第1話〉プロの独身男と秘密の契約結婚〈第2話〉秘密の契約結婚!波乱の両家顔合わせ〈第3話〉一番好きです!契約妻の突然の告白〈第4話〉私,恋人を作ろうと思います!〈第… (続きを読む)