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The best stories in sports have been off the field! It's the sports world you've never seen ... until now! If an athlete has bought it, wore it, said it, or did it, TMZ ...

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publishedAt: 2013/09/25 12:50:59

▼ What Does Adrien Broner Think About Manny Pacquiao’s Anger Translator? | TMZ Sports

Watch Pacquiao and Broner face-off in the World Welterweight Championship Saturday, January 19th LIVE on Showtime PPV SUBSCRIBE ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/19 05:00:03

▼ Manny Pacquiao Gets Anger Translator to Cuss Out Adrien Broner | TMZ Sports

President Obama had "Luther" ... and now Manny Pacquiao has an anger translator of his own to tell us how he REALLY feels about Adrien Broner -- and it's ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/12 00:52:04

▼ Richard Sherman Weighs In On Antonio Brown To 49ers | TMZ Sports

Richard Sherman tells TMZ Sports if Antonio Brown is REALLY wanting to join the Niners ... he doesn't think it'd be a mistake, saying his time in S.F. has been ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/19 00:23:58

▼ Baker Mayfield Mocks Drunken Arrest During Fortnite Stream | TMZ Sports

Baker Mayfield's clearly moving on from a drunken arrest he called "the biggest mistake of my life" ... 'cause he joked about the whole incident on a Fortnite ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/18 08:45:00

▼ Sen. Elizabeth Warren Rubs Patriots' Win In Haters' Faces | TMZ Sports

Senator Elizabeth Warren can't hear all the Patriots' haters ... 'cause she's too busy CELEBRATING YET ANOTHER TRIP TO THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

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publishedAt: 2019/01/16 23:27:08

▼ Khabib's Manager Says Floyd Mayweather's Texting Constantly, 'Begging For The Fight' | TMZ Sports

Khabib's manager tells TMZ Sports Floyd Mayweather has been texting him CONSTANTLY ... saying the boxing legend has been "begging" for a fight with ...

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publishedAt: 2018/12/31 17:45:00

▼ Ex-NFLer Breaks Man's Face For Allegedly Masturbating Near Daughter's Window | TMZ Sports

Police say Tony chased the guy down about 50 feet from his house ... and proceeded to smash the guy up bad -- breaking his face in a couple different places.

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publishedAt: 2019/01/17 07:45:00

▼ Atlanta Falcons DE Takkarist McKinley Detained By Police, Mental Evaluation | TMZ Sports

alcons head coach Dan Quinn released a statement to TMZ saying, "We were recently made aware of the situation involving Takk in Los Angeles earlier today.

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publishedAt: 2019/01/17 09:00:00

▼ Logan Paul Guarantees Knockout in KSI Rematch | TMZ Sports

Logan Paul says he has unfinished business with KSI ... telling TMZ Sports he's still gunning for a rematch with the fellow YouTuber -- and he wants KNOCKOUT ...

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publishedAt: 2018/11/18 18:30:01

▼ T.J. Dillashaw Gunning for 3 UFC Belts, 1st Champ Champ Champ?! | TMZ Sports

You've seen "champ champs" in the UFC -- but never a "champ champ champ" ... which is why T.J. Dillashaw wants to be the very first fighter to hold THREE ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/16 04:45:20

▼ Floyd Mayweather 'Definitely' Boxing Khabib, 'I'll Get 9-Figures' | TMZ Sports

Floyd Mayweather is clearing up the rumors about a possible boxing match with UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov -- telling TMZ Sports, "Oh, we fighting!

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publishedAt: 2018/10/17 22:39:54

▼ Logan Paul to UFC's Dana White, Get Your Head Out Your Ass And Sign Me! | TMZ Sports

Logan Paul says Dana White needs to "get his head out of his ass" and sign him to a UFC fight already -- because it's easy money for everyone involved.

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publishedAt: 2018/12/25 18:30:01

▼ Kareem Hunt's Hotel Attack Aftermath | TMZ Sports

TMZ Sports has obtained video of Kansas City Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt shoving, bull-rushing and kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel back in ...

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publishedAt: 2018/12/01 04:52:57

▼ Khabib Gunning for $50 Million Fight, He's a 'Global Superstar' | TMZ Sports

Khabib Nurmagomedov is a bigger star than Conor McGregor -- so says his manager -- and therefore deserves MORE MONEY than Conor ... which he why he ...

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publishedAt: 2018/10/31 16:00:00

▼ Boxing Star Ryan Garcia Calls Out Selena Gomez, 'Lemme Take You Out' | TMZ Sports

Ryan Garcia is one of the fastest rising stars in boxing ... with a 17-0 record and a huge contract with Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions. But what he ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/09 18:00:04

▼ Sean McVay Hit L.A. Hot Spot With Girlfriend After Beating Cowboys | TMZ Sports

Just hours after beating the Cowboys to move the Rams to the NFC Championship Game ... Sean McVay pulled the ultimate power move -- hitting up Delilah ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/15 05:59:39

▼ Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence Loved Trump's Fast Food, Can't Wait to Come Back!

Donald Trump's fast food plan worked ... because Clemson's star QB Trevor Lawrence tells TMZ Sports he LOVED the President's McDonald's spread at the ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/16 00:00:00

▼ UFC's Rachael Ostovich 'Grateful' to Fight After Domestic Violence Attack | TMZ Sports

UFC fighter Rachael Ostovich says she's "grateful" to be fighting on Saturday night -- after a domestic violence incident in November nearly derailed her MMA ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/18 05:30:00

▼ Conor McGregor Says He's Close on a UFC Fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov | TMZ Sports

Conor McGregor says he's closing in on a deal with UFC to take on Khabib Nurmagomedov in his first fight since boxing Floyd Mayweather and getting busted in ...

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publishedAt: 2018/07/31 22:02:25

▼ UFC's Polyana Viana Explains How She Destroyed Alleged Gun-Toting Thief | TMZ Sports

UFC badass Polyana "Iron Lady" Viana is telling TMZ Sports exactly how she disarmed and throttled a man who was allegedly trying to rob her at gunpoint ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/11 00:00:10

▼ Manny Pacquiao Feasting on Fish Eyes Before His Fight | TMZ Sports

Oh, one more thing -- what is Manny eating these days to gear up for the fight? Fish eyes. Seriously. He loves 'em. SUBSCRIBE ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/12 03:15:16

▼ Tito Ortiz Confirms Fight with Chael Sonnen, 'I'm Gonna Smash Him' | TMZ Sports

Tito Ortiz says he's IN for a rematch with Chael Sonnen -- telling TMZ Sports, "I'm gonna pummel him for 3 rounds." SUBSCRIBE ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/10 00:50:18

▼ Saquon Barkley Sees Great NFL Future For Kyler Murray | TMZ Sports

Saquon Barkley ain't so sure about all that -- "that's above my pay grade," he says -- but the Giants superstar DOES think Kyler's got a huge NFL career ahead of ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/15 18:00:03

▼ McGregor Fans Cause Chaos in Las Vegas After Weigh-In | TMZ Sports

TMZ Sports got some video of the wild action outside the venue of the weigh-in ... including a dude in a fountain and a bunch of Conor's Irish fans chanting and ...

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publishedAt: 2018/10/07 02:15:01