▼ Rurikhan

I'm a YouTube Content Creator who focuses on long-format unscripted gaming videos. Podcasts, Playthroughs, First Impressions, Vlogs, Gameplays, News, etc.

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2011/12/02 10:23:35

▼ Monster Hunter World ICEBORNE G-RANK MASSIVE Expansion | WITCHER Crossover, #MHWorld ULTIMATE

Monster Hunter World G-Rank or Monster Hunter World Ultimate equivalent, the ICEBORNE expansion was announced earlier today, couple together with a ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/12/11 07:43:40


The Battlefield V marketing team is doing a fantastic job at keeping the game relevant in terms of gaming headlines, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Red Dead ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/12/04 00:44:56

▼ Warcraft Rui

My Gameplay and Series Channel.

channelTitle: Warcraft Rui
publishedAt: 2006/09/14 22:16:02


With gaming publishers drowning in their own greed we need to highlight the few teams that are delivering value to gamers, it is my opinion that Monster Hunter ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/12/01 05:30:00


As we get closer to the end of the year, it's a time to reflect, on the best experiences of 2018 and... the most disappointing ones. Share, Like and leave a comment ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/12/15 03:50:56

▼ WINTER FESTIVAL EVENTS PC / PS4 - Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is about to receive another seasonal event in the form of the Winter Festival, in today's video I'll discuss the new events for the consoles ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/11/28 05:05:00

▼ Real Talk Diablo Immortal with Rurikhan - Blizzcon Reactions and More!

I had a quick spontaneous chat with Rurikhan on his stream so we could trade thoughts on what went down at Blizzcon with Diablo Immortal, reminisce about ...

channelTitle: KineticGTR
publishedAt: 2018/11/07 04:00:01

▼ EXTREME BEHEMOTH TIPS - Monster Hunter World - It's just that Hard

So I know you guys want some special tricks for the Extreme Behemoth Hunt in Monster Hunter World, but basically this is one of those fights that is just that hard ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/08/26 06:40:20

▼ THE FALL OF DIABLO PART 4 - The Press Conferences, Best Devs on Mobile & Mobile Market

I'll be honest, reporting on Diablo Immortal is beginning to take it's toll on me. Let's hope this is the last one for a while. Rhykker's Video ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/11/10 08:58:35

▼ YOU NEED TO TRY LANCE ! - Monster Hunter World

Seriously, try out the Lance, you can come back and thank me later. In other news I'm still addicted to Monster Hunter World. This title is currently available on ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/03/14 08:14:00

▼ MONSTER HUNTER WORLD LIVE - Arch Tempered Kushala & Khan Plays the Hunting Horn

Monster Hunter World Gameplay Tips - Ask me Anything! https://streamlabs.com/rurikhan This title is currently available on PS4. Video made Possible by ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/09/15 06:03:34

▼ IRONBREAKERS VS BEHEMOTH - The First Kill... - Monster Hunter World

The first time the Ironbreakers sucessfully defeated The Behemoth in Monster Hunter World on the Livestream. Enjoy. This title is currently available on PS4, ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/08/03 19:02:36

▼ Monster Hunter World Charge Blade Tips

Probably the most complex and versatile weapon in Monster Hunter World, today we look at the Charge Blade. Damn it's so much fun! This title is currently ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/01/31 05:48:56

▼ THE FALL OF DIABLO PART 1 - Diablo Immortal Revealed #NoKingRulesForeverMySon

The Diablo Hype Train came to a screeching halt earlier today as Blizzard announced the franchise is going mobile in the last section of the Blizzcon Opening ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/11/03 08:40:50


Arch Tempered Zorah Magdaros is going to hit Monster Hunter World Today. So I'm going to beat it's face in like it deserves. Like the stream? Hit the like button!

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/10/19 13:01:26

▼ MY FIRST LUNASTRA HUNT - Monster Hunter World - Facebuster...

My first time with Lunastra in Monster Hunter World. She's a tough lover and got me once, but I rallied and wrestled her into submission. This title is currently ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/06/01 01:27:10


Heartbreaker is a build that focuses on Vaal's Set Bonus Regen, and Health Regen Augment, along with a Gunlance, or whatever weapon you want really, ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/04/06 03:26:49


So Arch Tempered Xeno'Jiiva hit Monster Hunter World with a bang that carted hundreds of players. Today you rise up, with this Insect Glaive Build and return ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/11/17 03:25:12

▼ ARCH TEMPERED LUNASTRA - Monster Hunter World

ARCH TEMPERED LUNASTRA - Monster Hunter World Like the stream? Hit the like button! Love the stream? Support it: JOIN ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/10/04 13:26:32

▼ Monster Hunter World Long Sword Tips

Long Sword in Monster Hunter World is a Deadly and Stylish Weapon. Ready to become a Badass Samurai? This title is currently available on PS4, h, Xbox One ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/02/07 08:49:14

▼ THE GAME AWARDS | A Quick Recap of the Award Winners and my Picks

The Game Awards came and went, I always like watching the show but naturally tend to have different opinions on the awards given, this is the video where I talk ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/12/08 23:04:02

▼ GUNLANCE WIDE SHELLING BUILD - Facebuster - Monster Hunter World

I finally got my Wide Shelling Lv. 4 Gunlance from Kulve Taroth in Monster Hunter World and the time has come to work on a Wide Shelling Mixed Set, ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/05/03 02:57:50

▼ Gamers don't want WOMEN in video games | #NOWAHMENZ

I'm so sick and tired of seeing the generalization argument that all Gamers are misogynist bigots that hate women, I can't even criticize a video game anymore ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/12/05 05:58:18

▼ BEHEMOTH GUIDE & TIPS - Monster Hunter World

After fighting Behemoth in Monster Hunter World several times I figured I'd share my experience with the fight. Hopefully this helps you, if you feel I missed ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/08/04 20:54:09