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I'm a YouTube Content Creator who focuses on long-format unscripted gaming videos. Podcasts, Playthroughs, First Impressions, Vlogs, Gameplays, News, etc.

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2011/12/02 10:23:35

▼ PSA : Why I Can't Stream Sekiro on YouTube

Yeah, I'm not going through this nonsense again, I love Sekiro, I'm gonna stream the crap out of it, I just can't do it here. I've been down this road too many ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/03/24 02:05:52

▼ SEKIRO Shadows Die Twice Gameplay - Sekiro Blind Playthrough Part 1

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Gameplay begins today. Despite it being called Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, I'm pretty sure I'll die much more than twice, for your ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/03/22 13:16:12

▼ GOOGLE STADIA - Cloud Gaming is Here to Stadia

Google Stadia was unveiled yesterday as a Cloud Gaming Service. I'm not too excited about it, but we all knew this is where gaming was headed. Share, Like ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/03/21 04:38:03

▼ MONSTER HUNTER has the MOST REWARDING Loot System of Any Game Ever Made

Monster Hunter has the Best Loot System of any game, and today I'll tell you why. This is a video I've been meaning to make for a while, and with me currently ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/03/13 06:36:03

▼ BREAKING ANTHEM - The Power Scaling Problem, HULK SMASH Build, Anthem Bosses don't Drop Legendaries?

Played some Anthem last night because of the Grandmaster 2 better loot situation. Then I started Min Maxing, and then I realized just how big the Power Scaling ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/03/17 04:37:45

▼ LET'S TALK SEKIRO Shadows Die Twice - I'll Die More (NO SPOILERS)

Sekiro will release in less than 10 days, and some of you have been wondering if I'm going to cover it. In this video you'll find the answer, and a quick recap on ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/03/14 07:05:55

▼ video games suck

sorry, they suck. all of them. #videogames #suck.

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/03/18 05:30:15

▼ EXTREME BEHEMOTH TIPS - Monster Hunter World - It's just that Hard

So I know you guys want some special tricks for the Extreme Behemoth Hunt in Monster Hunter World, but basically this is one of those fights that is just that hard ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/08/26 06:40:20


There's not a whole lot going on in Monster Hunter World right now, so I figured I'd try my hand at a Spread Heavy Bowgun Build, which is a playstyle I hadn't ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/05/30 09:19:35

▼ Sony Japan Studio Uploaded a SOUL SACRIFICE Animation Video

The 6th of March Marks the 5 Year Anniversary of the Japanese release of Soul Sacrifice Delta, and apparently Sony Japan Studio uploaded a video to ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/03/09 00:23:24


So Arch Tempered Xeno'Jiiva hit Monster Hunter World with a bang that carted hundreds of players. Today you rise up, with this Insect Glaive Build and return ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/11/17 03:25:12

▼ KJÁRR FACEBUSTER - Wide SHELLING Gunlance Build - Monster Hunter World

I finally got the Kjárr Buster Bomber from Kulve Taroth in Monster Hunter World, and to celebrate, I cooked up a new build This title is currently available on PS4, ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/01/04 04:23:32

▼ WITCHER 3 Ancient Leshen in Monster Hunter World

So Ciri will be arriving in Monster Hunter World today in the Witcher 3 Crossover with the Ancient Leshen. Let's see what all the fuss is about. This title is ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/02/15 15:17:14

▼ Anthem

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/01/22 00:30:36

▼ ANTHEM Early Access LAUNCH PARTY - Anthem Gameplay Part 1

Welp ANTHEM is finally here, the final version... or the Early Access version of the final version? Let's see if it lives up to everything we wanted... or not. This title ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/02/16 05:40:38

▼ ANTHEM Early Access COLOSSUS Gameplay - #THICCBOI

Welp ANTHEM is finally here, the final version... or the Early Access version of the final version? Let's see if it lives up to everything we wanted... or not. This title ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/02/18 16:25:26

▼ LIGHT BOWGUN KARMA BUILD - Female Dog! - Monster Hunter World

In my previous mixed set video I remember specifically asking for you guys not to request Bowgun Weapons for my next build. And then you guys spammed ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/04/16 04:13:30

▼ Rurikhan Plays

My Gameplay and Series Channel.

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publishedAt: 2006/09/14 22:16:02

▼ ANTHEM GAMEPLAY | Storm, Interceptor, Colossus & Ranger Gameplay | ANTHEM

In this livestream with got some Anthem Gameplay featuring all the Javelins, Storm Interceptor, Colossus & Ranger across multiple gameplay types. This title is ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/02/02 14:57:31

▼ Monster Hunter World Charge Blade Tips

Probably the most complex and versatile weapon in Monster Hunter World, today we look at the Charge Blade. Damn it's so much fun! This title is currently ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/01/31 05:48:56


Arch Tempered Zorah Magdaros is going to hit Monster Hunter World Today. So I'm going to beat it's face in like it deserves. Like the stream? Hit the like button!

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/10/19 13:01:26

▼ Mighty Monster Hunters

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/02/06 00:29:55

▼ ANTHEM ROADMAP - Hope You Like Freeplay ? (NO SPOILERS)

Bioware has put out a more detailed Road Map for Anthem, and I'm not particularly excited about it because it appears most of the content is coming exclusively ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2019/02/25 03:37:21


Heartbreaker is a build that focuses on Vaal's Set Bonus Regen, and Health Regen Augment, along with a Gunlance, or whatever weapon you want really, ...

channelTitle: Rurikhan
publishedAt: 2018/04/06 03:26:49