▼ PsychedSubstance

I'm here to provide accurate education and awareness for the safe use of some very "taboo" practices. These are practices that have no place being taboo any ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2015/01/21 14:28:47

▼ Unboxing 30 G’s of LEGAL Canadian Cannabis | Weed Legalization Documentary Part #2

In the first part of our documentary on 'Canada Legalizing Marijuana' (https://youtu.be/UETQ6VpDcpc) we showcased the insanely difficult process we went ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2018/12/15 01:00:10

▼ Giving Strangers Acid on Christmas

What better way to celebrate the holidays than risking psychosis while your dog morphs into a reindeer and pulls your obese red-faced dad across the carpet on ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2018/12/10 01:00:07

▼ What Happened When Canada Legalized Cannabis | Documentary Ft. OpenMind

Simon from the YouTube channel OpenMind flew all the way from Germany to experience this monumental event! This documentary chronicles our journey ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2018/11/30 02:45:00

▼ Testing DMT Live With Seth | Vital Educational Content (New Version)

First we demonstrate how to Test your DMT to ensure it is safe to consume. Second, Seth demonstrates live what this experience may look like and how terrifying ...

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publishedAt: 2018/10/27 00:00:09

▼ The People Who Take Psychedelics at Music Festivals | Shambhala

Can you guess which of these people are currently tripping? HINT: It's not as easy as you might think! In this short documentary/interview series we dive head ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2018/10/06 23:00:07

▼ What Acid at a Hippie Festival Felt Like | Story & Trip Guide

Guys, the impossible finally happened. I am just in absolute shock that I finally figured this out and FIXED IT! It was so damn simple, and I was too dim-witted an d ...

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publishedAt: 2018/08/21 02:00:01

▼ MDMA: RISK VS REWARD | “Do The Dangers Outweigh Positive Effects?”

Do the risks of taking Ecstasy/Molly/MDMA outweigh the rewards? And what exactly are the most dangerous risks? We explain some of the very serious dangers ...

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publishedAt: 2018/07/26 00:00:31

▼ Trip Reports

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publishedAt: 2015/10/10 08:17:55

▼ DMT VS LSD #2 | "The Breakthrough Trip"

Due to popular demand Part #2 is FINALLY here! In this episode we venture deeper down the rabbit hole and explain (attempt) what the DMT breakthrough feels ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/09 01:00:09


SWIM is dedicated to outside of the box thinking, philosophy, and crazy life experiences.

channelTitle: SWIM
publishedAt: 2016/02/02 05:03:42

▼ What Did Cocaine Feel Like? My First "Hard Drug" (Harm Reduction/Education)

Click here for $5 Swagbucks signup bonus: http://9nl.es/Psych#ad - This video outlines what snorting coke was like for me, and the very real dangers associated ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2018/06/29 23:55:34

▼ Trying Psychedelics in VR (Live Experience) | 2C-BeatSaber

PsychedGaming: https://youtu.be/p-jBXIM24DY Ever wonder what it might be like to 'trip' in VR? Yeah, us too. So in the name of science - we did it. We wanted…(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2018/10/22 00:15:04

▼ The Lord of The Mushrooms: Return of PsychedSubstance (New Zealand VLOG)

Help Fund This Channel https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3120234&ty=h ➡️Interesting MERCH https://goo.gl/vfs2Ro(YouTubeで読む)

channelTitle: Your Mate Tom
publishedAt: 2018/10/18 22:02:23

▼ What DMT Feels Like | "Interactive Experience"

I have created this video for harm reduction purposes. I hope that through watching it, if you were curious to try DMT you no longer will be since you will now ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2017/02/09 09:00:00

▼ What Acid Feels Like

Ever wonder what an Acid experience is like? This video attempts to break down my primary subjective effects in 3 parts so you don't ever have to try the drug ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2016/04/24 00:00:01

▼ Mushrooms VS Weed (Live Experiment)

To stay within YouTube's community guidelines (https://goo.gl/sfoz9T) no actual substance use has been graphically displayed in the following video. Instead ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2016/07/10 01:00:04

▼ 2C-B Breakdown & History | *EDUCATIONAL*

Learn about one of the most influential compounds that Alexander Shulgin ever created and the history of its use starting with it being sold as a legal cure for ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2017/08/20 00:00:01

▼ DMT VS LSD | “What We Can See”

How do the visual effects compare and what are the differences? Which one has the most risk to be physically and/or mentally dangerous and why? How do they ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2018/03/18 23:30:01

▼ LIVE EGO DEATH | Watch if Having a Bad Trip (Harm Reduction)

If you need help right away, please visit the live chat in the link below. They are there to assist you. TripSit Live Chat: https://chat.tripsit.m…(YouTubeで読む)

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2016/08/24 00:00:03

▼ XANAX VS PHENIBUT (Vital Educational Content)

This video is designed to educate users of all ages about safe substance use. We explain what a safe dose looks like and which drugs you should never mix if ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2018/08/24 00:00:13

▼ High Dose Shrooms Trip Simulation ft. PsychedSubstance

High dose shrooms POV trip simulation ft PsychedSubstance ▽ ▽ GET 10% OFF Merch https://teespring.com/stores/psychonaut-store?pr=YOU…(YouTubeで読む)

channelTitle: Your Mate Tom
publishedAt: 2018/04/19 22:56:19

▼ How to LSD | "Harm Reduction Guide"

This video has been created for education and harm reduction. We do not personally promote use nor do we want anyone to get the wrong idea and mistakenly ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2015/05/09 22:49:28

▼ Ego Death

Often when people experience intense trips they have what they call "ego death." But what is Ego Death exactly? This video might hold some answers... or it ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2016/02/14 00:00:00

▼ Everything Wrong with DrugsLab | “Most Dangerous Mistakes”

We expose the dangerous information that this “drug educational” show has been spreading. This was not a video I wanted to make. In fact, I used to be a fan of ...

channelTitle: PsychedSubstance
publishedAt: 2017/05/20 23:00:01