▼ Bataclan attack video: People flee Paris theater seconds after terrorists open fire

Footage filmed by 'Le Monde' journalist Daniel Psenny captured the moment crowds fled the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, Friday, after gunmen began shooting ...

channelTitle: RT
publishedAt: 2015/11/14 23:56:26

▼ New video: Paris cafe seconds after shooting

New video has emerged of the distressing aftermath of the Paris attacks shooting at La Bonne Biere restaurant, where five people were killed Get the latest ...

channelTitle: The Telegraph
publishedAt: 2015/11/20 20:17:39

▼ Paris Attacks: Three Days Of Terror

Sky News looks back at the events in Paris over the last three days which saw 17 people killed in three shooting incidents. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel ...

channelTitle: Sky News
publishedAt: 2015/01/11 04:56:47

▼ Inside the Supermarket During Paris Terror Attack

Surveillance images show gunman, frightened hostages and dead bodies in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo-related attack. Watch more ABC News coverage: ...

channelTitle: ABC News
publishedAt: 2015/01/15 12:22:31

▼ Eyewitness Videos of Paris Shooting Terror Attack at Charlie Hebdo | The New York Times

Several videos showing the gunmen outside the office of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, have surfaced online. Subscribe on YouTube: ...

channelTitle: The New York Times
publishedAt: 2015/01/08 03:55:23

▼ Terrorists on the loose after Paris attack

French police are on a manhunt for three terrorists after they opened fire at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. CNN's Jim Sciutto reports.

channelTitle: CNN
publishedAt: 2015/01/08 07:20:05

▼ Paris shooting: Gunmen filmed shooting Paris police officer in Charlie Hebdo attack

Two gunmen shoot and kill a police officer on a Paris street during an attack on magazine Charlie Hebdo. The attackers are then seen escaping from the scene ...

channelTitle: Guardian News
publishedAt: 2015/01/07 22:41:03

▼ Watch Woman Escape After Paris Attackers Gun Jams in Cafe Surveillance

Surveillance footage of the very first moments of the terrorist attacks in Paris has emerged. In the video, glass flies everywhere as panicked patrons dive under ...

channelTitle: Inside Edition
publishedAt: 2015/11/20 03:55:54

▼ French Gunman Speaks | Paris Shooting Terror Attack at Charlie Hebdo News | The New York Times

The French police confirmed that this is Amedy Coulibaly, one of three men suspected in the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. Produced by: Reuters Read the ...

channelTitle: The New York Times
publishedAt: 2015/01/13 01:09:55

▼ Special Report: Terror In Paris

France has declared a state of emergency after more than 120 people were killed in a series of near-simultaneous attacks across Paris. Sky's Lisa Holland has ...

channelTitle: Sky News
publishedAt: 2015/11/15 04:12:21

▼ Charlie Hebdo: Paris terror attack kills 12

Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews At least 12 people have been shot dead in Paris - 2 of them police officers - after masked men stormed the ...

channelTitle: BBC News
publishedAt: 2015/01/07 23:17:37

▼ Paris attack: police at scene of second shooting in French capital

Heavily-armed police arrive at the scene of a deadly shooting in Paris on Thursday. A policewoman was killed and a street sweeper was gravely injured in a ...

channelTitle: Guardian News
publishedAt: 2015/01/08 21:30:22

▼ New amateur footage of Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack

Dramatic new video has emerged showing Islamist militants Cherif and Said Kouachi, moments after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The Reuters news agency ...

channelTitle: euronews (in English)
publishedAt: 2015/01/14 07:23:59

▼ Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Paris Terror Attacks

During Eagles of Death Metal's November 13 show at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, gunmen entered the venue and opened fire on the crowd, leaving at ...

channelTitle: VICE
publishedAt: 2015/11/26 04:28:09

▼ Suspects in Charlie Hebdo Paris shooting

The three suspects in the Charlie Hebdo shooting have been identified by police. At least two of them might have a connection to Syria, and one connections to ...

channelTitle: CBC News: The National
publishedAt: 2015/01/08 11:39:59

▼ Paris Attacks: Terrifying Scenes From French Stadium

Reporter Ben Barnier details the horrifying sights and sounds from inside Stade de France. For more, visit www.ABCNews.com.

channelTitle: ABC News
publishedAt: 2015/11/14 12:15:33

▼ Paris Attack: Footage Of The Attackers

Twelve people have been shot dead at the headquarters of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, say police.

channelTitle: Sky News
publishedAt: 2015/01/07 21:26:54

▼ Paris Shooting Video: Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack

Gunmen have shot dead 12 people at the Paris office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in a militant Islamist attack. Watch footage of the shooting in ...

channelTitle: The Rubin Report
publishedAt: 2015/01/08 06:01:39

▼ Report: People killed, injured in Paris shooting

Several people were killed and others were injured at a shooting in Paris, according to CNN affiliate BFMTV.

channelTitle: CNN
publishedAt: 2015/11/14 06:47:58

▼ Multiple terror attacks in Paris

Several people were killed and at least seven others injured in multiple shootings in central Paris late Friday. CNN's Wolf Blitzer speaks with Journalist Jonathan ...

channelTitle: CNN
publishedAt: 2015/11/14 08:04:30

▼ Paris attacks: Footage of the Saint-Denis siege

Footage of the siege at Saint-Denis, where gunfire and explosions have been heard this morning as police hunt the mastermind behind Friday's terror attacks.

channelTitle: euronews (in English)
publishedAt: 2015/11/18 19:53:53

▼ PARIS ATTACK: Raw video of gunman shooting newspaper office

Shooting in Paris leaves at least 11 dead at newspaper office. President Hollande of France confirms death toll in the “cowardly attack.”

channelTitle: ABC News
publishedAt: 2015/01/07 22:31:18

▼ Paris Attacks: Bataclan Concert hall

Video shows people running for their lives from Bataclan concert attackers. #ParisAttacks | via @lemondefr SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great ...

channelTitle: Sky News
publishedAt: 2015/11/15 04:39:09

▼ Latest On Paris Attacks: Video Of 'Eagles of Death Metal' Concert During Shooting

A video of the American rock band 'Eagles of Death Metal' playing to a sold-out Paris crowd on Friday at the time of shooting by terrorists has been released.

channelTitle: Aaj Tak
publishedAt: 2015/11/16 14:06:48

▼ Paris Hostage Raid Video: Watch the Moment Police Storm Paris Supermarket

French authorities storm the market where a terror suspect was holding hostages.

channelTitle: ABC News
publishedAt: 2015/01/10 04:03:18