▼ JSConf

The JSConf YouTube Channel. JSConf is a series of JavaScript conferences from around the world and here we release the conference talk videos for free as ...

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publishedAt: 2012/10/09 19:21:46

▼ No Time for Types - Nick Nisi - JSConf US 2018

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publishedAt: 2018/11/13 02:00:04

▼ Asynchrony: Under the Hood - Shelley Vohr - JSConf EU 2018

This talk will explore the conceptual underpinnings of asynchronous programming options, and the drawbacks and advantages to each. JS has supported ...

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publishedAt: 2018/06/27 22:51:01

▼ npm and the future of JavaScript - Laurie Voss - JSConf US 2018

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publishedAt: 2018/11/14 02:00:06

▼ 10 Things I Regret About Node.js - Ryan Dahl - JSConf EU 2018

See also https://github.com/ry/deno JSConf EU is coming back in 2019 https://2019.jsconf.eu/

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publishedAt: 2018/06/06 20:52:50

▼ React Today and Tomorrow and 90% Cleaner React With Hooks

The first three talks from React Conf 2018 by Sophie Alpert, Dan Abramov, and Ryan Florence. Learn more about Hooks at https://reactjs.org/hooks.

channelTitle: React Conf
publishedAt: 2018/10/27 00:59:13

▼ Opher Vishnia: Wait, you can do that with JavaScript…!? | JSConf Iceland 2018

https://2018.jsconf.is/speakers/opher-vishnia/ In 98' I made my first webpage, which leveraged JavaScript to annoy visitors with blinking t…(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2018/04/10 14:10:47

▼ What the heck is the event loop anyway? | Philip Roberts | JSConf EU

JavaScript programmers like to use words like, “event-loop”, “non-blocking”, “callback”, “asynchronous”, “single-threaded” and “concurrency”. We say things like ...

channelTitle: JSConf
publishedAt: 2014/10/10 00:08:26

▼ Nested Loops opening JSConf EU 2018 (remastered)

▼ @nested_loops opening JSConf EU 2017

Everything you see in this video (sound, projection, lights) is controlled by JavaScript. Track on SoundCloud: ...

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publishedAt: 2017/05/06 21:05:22

▼ JSConf EU 2018

Videos of JSConf EU 2018.

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publishedAt: 2018/06/06 20:59:45

▼ Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript - Anjana Vakil - JSUnconf

Anjana's next talk at JSConf EU in May: http://2017.jsconf.eu/speakers/anjana-vakil-immutable-dat…(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2016/06/15 02:06:44

▼ The Most Annoying Website - Feross Aboukhadijeh - JSConf US 2018

aka "The Power of the Web Platform"

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publishedAt: 2018/11/14 02:00:05

▼ ES6 In Practice - Tim Doherty - JSConf US 2018

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publishedAt: 2018/11/15 02:00:02

▼ Live:js opening JSConf EU 2018

http://livejs.network opening JSConf EU 2018 with a pure JavaScript (animations, sound, projection, music) performance. OMG JSConf EU is coming back in ...

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publishedAt: 2018/06/04 19:39:13

▼ RxJS: A Better Way To Write Frontend Applications - Hannah Howard - JSConf US 2018

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publishedAt: 2018/11/27 02:00:12

▼ Anjana Vakil: Immutable data structures for functional JS | JSConf EU

▼ Jake Archibald: In The Loop - JSConf.Asia 2018

Have you ever had a bug where things were happening in the wrong order, or particular style changes were being ignored? Ever fixed that bug by wrapping a ...

channelTitle: JSConf
publishedAt: 2018/02/09 17:36:09

▼ Dan Abramov: Beyond React 16 | JSConf Iceland 2018

https://2018.jsconf.is/speakers/dan-abramov/ React 16 was released several months ago. Even though this update was largely API-compatible, th…(YouTubeで読む)

channelTitle: JSConf
publishedAt: 2018/04/06 00:47:35

▼ Vitaly Friedman: Dirty little front-end tricks - JSConf Iceland 2016

Do you love the object tag, too? How do you feel about responsive image maps? Have you ever tried to work around complex tables, nasty carousels, endless ...

channelTitle: JSConf
publishedAt: 2016/09/19 20:05:57

▼ Pete Hunt: React: Rethinking best practices -- JSConf EU 2013

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/floydophone/react-preso-v2 React, the new open-source JS library from Facebook and Instagram, is a …(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2013/10/31 00:22:30

▼ Deep Learning in JS - Ashi Krishnan - JSConf EU 2018

It's clear by now that the robots are coming for us. Breakthroughs in AI fill our streams and news feeds, themselves the products of AI, the echoing algorithmic ...

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publishedAt: 2018/06/06 20:07:44

▼ Look mum, no hands! — Brain controlled JavaScript - Charlie Gerard - JSConf EU 2018

A typical interaction with a device or interface involves touching it. Either you're pressing buttons on a controller, swiping on a touchscreen or clicking on your ...

channelTitle: JSConf
publishedAt: 2018/06/13 23:32:22

▼ Franziska Hinkelmann: JavaScript engines - how do they even? | JSConf EU 2017

▼ Will Klein: End to End Testing: The Game Has Changed | JSConf Iceland 2018

https://2018.jsconf.is/speakers/will-klein/ Testing our JavaScript apps has come a long way. For years we relied on Selenium Webdriver to auto…(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2018/04/06 00:46:55