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I make videos about video games... usually Nintendo / PC editorials, reviews or informational content, but you can expect mostly anything I have an idea for.

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2013/07/16 22:12:09

▼ The Genius of Mario Odyssey: A Critique of a Gaming Icon

Here's my review of Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. Tried to go super in depth and make it like a retrospective of sorts while going over why I love ...

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/11/04 05:14:51

▼ Sonic Forces: Disappointed but Not Surprised

My review of Sonic Forces... is it just another awful Sonic game that sucks or is it actually, surprisingly great? Do the Original Characters and charm save it from ...

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/11/08 07:17:54

▼ Breaking the Traditional RPG Formula: South Park The Stick of the Fractured But Whole

Sort of a review of South Park The Stick of Truth and The Factured But Whole. See, traditional, turn-based RPGs are usually boring and not fun. These games ...

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/10/16 05:52:56

▼ Nostalgia Pandering: Does it Ruin Games?

A piece about how nostalgia plays a role in games, whether that be making them better or worse. Does Classic Sonic still have a place in the games? How do ...

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/11/13 06:48:01

▼ The Trouble with Telltale Games

An editorial discussing the things troubling me about Telltale lately, the downward spiral of *those* games and hope for the future... GO WATCH LHUDSON: ...

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/08/15 08:34:35

▼ Knack 1 + 2: The Failure of a Sony Platformer

Knack is often hailed as one of the worst games but today let's defend it... and maybe uncover the reasons why it was made and why it's so popular.

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/09/15 06:35:46

▼ The Genius of Cuphead: Indie Innovation

Here's my review of Cuphead and why it's so great! It's really well made and you should all give it a shot... unless you don't know how to play games.

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/10/01 06:43:27

▼ Classic Sonic: Does it Still Work Many Years Later?

A retrospective review of Classic Sonic throughout his 27 years of gameplay and seeing what's improved, what's changed and whether or not it sucks.

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/08/09 05:38:59

▼ What is Best Way to Play Metroid 2? AM2R vs Metroid: Samus Returns

Here's my comparison review of all the remakes of Metroid 2… whether that be Samus Returns on 3DS or Another Metroid 2 Remake. Which is the best?

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/09/22 05:59:43

▼ The Genius of Sonic Mania: The Blue Blur's Best

Here's a review of Sonic Mania. Is it the best Sonic game in years or does it SUCK LIKE ALL THE OTHER SONIC GAMES!!!11! CLICK HERE FOR MORE!

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/08/19 07:43:46

▼ Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Review | Ruined by Rabbids or the Best Switch Surprise?

My review of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, the Ubisoft crossover we all never knew we wanted. Does it suck or is it surprisingly good? COPY PROVIDED BY ...

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/08/29 06:50:55

▼ The Purpose of and Problem with Game Reviews - Haedox

Something that needs to be said about reviews in general and what issues they face on the internet. Hopefully, I clear some things up here too.

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2016/05/06 05:58:11

▼ How to Properly Remaster a Nostalgic Classic - Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

Here's a review of the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy for PS4! Is it a bad remake or does it replace the original! WATCH THE VIDEO.

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/07/01 05:31:11

▼ I'm Happy I was Wrong about the "Failure" of the Nintendo Switch

It turns out the Nintendo Switch wasn't a failure and Nintendo proved me wrong... and I couldn't be happier! I'm glad it's so successful.

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/09/07 06:05:54

▼ Sonic Forces IS Mediocre at Best (Haedox EXPOSED)

Protomario - REMEMBER to LIKE and Check the Links Below! =) Today's video consists of the entire Sonic fandom going up against reviews and critics of the ...

channelTitle: ProtoMario
publishedAt: 2017/11/10 21:33:03

▼ Splatoon 2: What Makes a Sequel Good?

Here's a "review" of Splatoon 2 discussing what went wrong and how it could have been better. Keep in mind, I love this game but they say when you criticize ...

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/07/24 06:54:26

▼ The Importance of the 3DS

Some people have put this idea out there that the 3DS should die, and I disagree very strongly. I don't know really why I made this video but here it is.

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/07/08 05:36:59

▼ What Happened to Konami? - Corruption and the Kojima Conundrum

Konami is one of the worst game developers... or are they? Let's take a look at the good and the bad: Metal Gear Survive, P.T., Kojima, and so on.

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/01/24 07:00:07

▼ Activision is Awful

Activision is the worst video game company to exist and here are most of the reasons why... ---------------------------FOLLOW!--------------------------...

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2016/05/23 03:55:10

▼ Wizard101 - Review

This is a review of Wizard101, an old MMORPG I used to play a LOT as a kid. I also spent over 200 bucks in this game... whoops... NEW OUTRO SONG: ...

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2016/03/28 09:59:58

▼ Undertale... a Year Later: The Overexposure Effect

A re-review of Undertale a year later. So, does it suck? Is it still a good game or is it just overrated? And how about the community?

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/02/22 08:28:12

▼ Spyro: A Fate Worse than Death - Haedox

Ever wondered what happened to Spyro? Well, I'm here to tell you the tragic tale of the life and death of Spyro the Dragon. I spent a long time on this one so I ...

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2015/07/01 07:36:05

▼ No Man's Sky Review | A Mile Wide but an Inch Deep

Here's my review of No Man's Sky, which is being released for the PS4 and PC. As the title suggests, it's good and lacking at the same time.

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2016/08/11 06:01:48

▼ A Hat in Time: An Actually Not Terrible Kickstarter Game

Here's my review of A Hat in Time, which is a Kickstarter-funded game that doesn't suck! It's actually very good unlike Yooka-Laylee, Mighty No.

channelTitle: Haedox
publishedAt: 2017/10/04 05:31:51