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His royal gaming laziness, DukeSloth​ covers everything SMITE​ and Sea of Thieves. For SMITE​ ​Season 5​ news​, gameplay​ and more visit and sloth ...

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publishedAt: 2014/08/27 07:18:35


Made a test run with Mercury and the new Golden Blade which introduced in SMITE Patch 5.17. The clear is.. a little bit stupid. http://bit.ly/2hjNaPT Don't forget t…(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2018/09/20 07:29:26

▼ When You Get NA Ping On EU But It's OK Because You're Medusa Mid With Heartseeker

Return of SMITE's old routing issues inbound? Playing Medusa Mid with the new Heartseeker to see if it's as effective as Heartseeker Neith in Smite's Conquest ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/09/19 10:04:38

▼ 1221 DAMAGE IN ONE ULT! - SMITE: BROKEN Neith Oneshot Build - How 2 Win While Failing Miserably!

Dealing more than 1200 damage in a SINGLE Neith Ult with new Heartseeker which got a buff in SMITE Patch 5.17. Lost the laning phase super hard, but still ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/18 10:30:09

▼ THE RISE OF ERLANG - SMITE Tier List with Emilzy S5 FALL SPLIT - Patch 5.17 - w/ Heartseeker Change

SMITE Tier List with Emilzy for the Season 5 Fall Split. This tierlist includes the patches for Berserker's Shield and Heartseeker and will give you a bit of an ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/11 07:03:11

▼ SMITE Top 5 Hardest Gods

Looking that the Top 5 Hardest Gods in Smite and what leads to them being harder than others. Focus is specifically on skill floor and skill ceiling and which ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/17 11:28:38

▼ My Favorite God! - SMITE Vamana Jungle Guide - Why & How To Play Vamana

SMITE Jungle Guide for my favorite god, Vamana. A slightly unsual pick for this warrior who was previously mostly played in jungle, but an effective niche pick ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/09/16 11:50:27

▼ How The SMITE Community Has Changed - Toxicity, Ragequits & More

Discussing how the SMITE Community has changed from Season 1 to today with a focus and Toxicity, Ragequits and surrounding topics. http://bit.ly/2hjNaPT ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/14 10:09:07

▼ SMITE Patch 5.16 Extra Nerfs & Matchmaking Changes

HiRezAjax added some additional nerf to the upcoming Smite Patch 5.16. Among the other changes, there will be nerfs to Ne Zha, Freya, Baron Samedi and ...

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publishedAt: 2018/08/31 10:02:26

▼ Smite Patch 5.17 | Heartseeker for HUNTERS! | Hera's Odyssey | Patch Notes Review

SMITE Patch Notes for Patch 5.17, "Hera's Odyssey". This patch includes the return of Golden Bow in the form of Golden Blade (only for assassins and warriors) ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/08 08:30:19

▼ SMITE Patch 5.17 | Golden Blade / Golden Bow Return! | Hera's Odyssey Patch Notes Live Viewing

SMITE Patch Notes for Patch 5.17, "Hera's Odyssey". This patch includes the return of Golden Bow in the form of Golden Blade (only for assassins and warriors) ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/08 05:35:23

▼ SMITE: My Top 5 Gods

Talking about my Top 5 SMITE Gods, what makes them my favorite gods and why I think they deserve to be in that spot. Also includes some honorable mentions ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/06 10:46:09

▼ SMITE Golden Bow RETURNS in Patch 5.17!

Today, Ajax teased on Twitter that Golden Bow will very likely return to SMITE in Patch 5.17 and will be revelead on tomorrow's Patch Notes in the form of a ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/07 11:19:17

▼ SMITE's New Best Item: Berserkers Shield. Comparison, Cheese Strats & More!

Today, Berserker's Shield has been introduced into SMITE. And this shield isn't just strong for boxing, it also gives you insane sustain both health and mana ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/05 10:19:31

▼ Is SMITE DYING? - An Analysis

"Is SMITE dying?" is one of the more frequently asked questions these days. http://bit.ly/2hjNaPT In this video, we'll analyze SMITE's performance across Steam, ...

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publishedAt: 2018/05/12 11:26:18

▼ Playing The One Skin I REGRET Buying! - SMITE Ullr Assault Tier 5 Skin

Play the Ullr Tier 5 Frostfire skin in SMITE's Assault. http://bit.ly/2hjNaPT Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe.. or don't, if you don't feel like it... r…(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2018/09/16 04:12:01

▼ SMITE Berserkers Shield On HUNTERS? | Better Or Worse Than Devos?

Berserker's Shield, the newest addition to Smite is an incredibly strong item for Warriors and Assassins. But how good is it for hunters, who have more time to ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/09 11:01:35

▼ SMITE Hera New Trailer Released & More Ability Info

Today, a new trailer for SMITE's next goddess, Hera was released. Along with that, there's new leaked ability info for the next mage coming into Smite in Patch ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/09/15 10:14:23

▼ SMITE Patch 5.16 | CHEF VULCAN & BELLONA T5! | Divine Dragon Patch Notes Review

Reviewing the Patch Notes for SMITE Patch 5.16, release patch of the Divine Dragon Bellona T5 skin and Chef Vulcan. Also in this patch: Berserker's Shield, ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/08/27 07:06:19

▼ SMITE: Tower Damage & Diving in Early Game

When is it worth diving in early game? How much damage do towers actually do? How many shots can you survive at level 5 as an assassin or warrior?

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publishedAt: 2018/08/25 04:30:02

▼ Aquaman Copyright Strike Survivor Skin - Poseidon Arena Gameplay

http://bit.ly/2hjNaPT Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe.. or don't, if you don't feel like it... really. It's up to you. It's a sloth life after all. -- M…(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2018/09/14 03:53:37

▼ Let's Talk About Chernobog! [SMITE Chernobog]

As the newest god in SMITE, Chernobog is a controversial topic. It's still hard to tell how he will fit in, though he will receive buffs in Patch 5.9. http://bit.ly/2hj…(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2018/05/22 09:23:02

▼ SMITE Hera New Info - Model, Argus And More Abilities!

New Info about SMITE's next goddess, Hera. This includes her model, the design of her minion Argus and more ability information. http://bit.ly/2hjNaPT Don't ...

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publishedAt: 2018/08/18 10:19:15

▼ SMITE Sun Wukong Buff - Can It Make Him Viable? - Patch 5 16

Sun Wukong has been in the shadows of SMITE solo lane for a long time now. Therefore, in the most recent Patch, 5.16, SWK received a buff to his clear and ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/12 10:08:41

▼ How To Effectively Play An Unusual Pick In SMITE

Unusual picks in SMITE can be fun. Think Baron Samedi support, Chiron mid and more. But they can also be frustrating, especially for your teammates. In this ...

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publishedAt: 2018/09/03 11:00:20