▼ DukeSloth

His royal gaming laziness, DukeSloth​ covers everything SMITE​ and Sea of Thieves. For SMITE​ ​Season 5​ news​, gameplay​ and more visit and sloth ...

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publishedAt: 2014/08/27 07:18:35

▼ SMITE Season 6 Releasing! FREYA REWORK 2! Future Season 6 CHANGES Announced! | Smite Dev Insight

Summary of the SMITE Dev Insight for SMITE Season 6. We learn about the final SMITE Season 6 and potential future changes to warriors, mages and ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2019/02/09 10:30:41

▼ This Ult Has The Most Serious SKIN ADVANTAGE In Smite! - Patch 6.1 Skins

Looking at new SMITE Skins coming with Patch 6.1 for Valentine's day, including a skin for Cupid, Da Ji, Bellona and Chernobog. http://bit.ly/2hjNaPT Don't ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2019/02/10 08:22:09

▼ SMITE Patch 6.1 - PELE & HERA NERFS! ANUBIS, BASTET & ARTHUR BUFFS! - Season 6 Patch Notes Review

SMITE Patch 6.1 Patch Notes for the upcoming Season 6 Patch. This part of the patch focuses on balance changes to items, gods and Conquest. Lots of items ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2019/01/16 12:20:23

▼ The BEST Items For Season 6? - SMITE Item Tierlist - Magical Damage

SMITE Item Tier List for magical damage items, comparing the best items and worst items for mages and guardians that are focused on damage.

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2019/01/30 07:54:56

▼ HiRez Employee Arrested in Undercover Operation, HiRez's Response (Thomas Cheung/HiRezElvine)

Now, former HiRez Employee Thomas Cheung has been arrested in an undercover sting operation. This is a sensitive subject, viewer discretion advised.

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publishedAt: 2019/02/06 04:04:00


SMITE Patch Live Viewing for Patch 6.1, the release patch of Merlin, the Arthurian Mage and God 100. In the SMITE Season 6 Patch, we not only learn about ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2019/01/23 12:06:35

▼ Smite: 667 weak3n - what & why explained

Explanation how the "667" meme related to Envy Weak3n came into existance and which major factors played a role in it becoming a meme. While he doesn't ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2015/10/19 07:54:43

▼ SMITE: Top 4 Gods To Carry Out Of Elo Hell For Each Role

Carrying out of elo hell in SMITE can be hard - if it even exists. These Top 5 gods for each role will help you carry your way into elo heaven - or at least mid level ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/11/02 05:10:38

▼ SMITE How To King Arthur!🗡️Mechanics, Combos, Item Interactions!🗡️Everything You Need To Know!

Talking about how to play King Arthur, SMITE's newest god. Discussing combos, item interactions, mechanics, ability interactions, stance swaps and much more.

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2019/01/07 12:40:45

▼ LOKI IN CHRISTMAS TIER?! - Post Worlds Tier List with Emilzy

SMITE Tier List for Post-Worlds Season 5 by Emilzy and DukeSloth. Talking about the current top tier gods, why they are where they are, who dropped off in ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/12/27 03:18:18

▼ SMITE The Rise Of Fenrir - What Led To It, How To Play, How To Counter! w/ Emilzy

Emilzy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5E0CoQOW08RHu2ufDs3HIQ Around SMITE Worlds 2018, Fenrir suddenly spiked in popularity, …(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2018/12/29 12:39:46

▼ SMITE Top 5 Hardest Gods

Looking that the Top 5 Hardest Gods in Smite and what leads to them being harder than others. Focus is specifically on skill floor and skill ceiling and which ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/09/17 11:28:38

▼ SMITE: My Top 5 Gods

Talking about my Top 5 SMITE Gods, what makes them my favorite gods and why I think they deserve to be in that spot. Also includes some honorable mentions ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/09/06 10:46:09

▼ Zeus Returns To The SMITE Pro League! How Did He Bring The Thunder Back? SMITE Zeus Build

After various changes to the metas as well as items, Zeus is seeing some play in the Smite Pro League again. http://bit.ly/2hjNaPT We're gonna look at his ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/09/26 08:53:15

▼ SMITE: Most NERFED Gods Of All Time

A lot of gods in Smite have seen many nerfs and buffs over time, but only very few have seen as many as the most nerfed gods in SMITE. Some of them are hard ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/10/28 05:44:47

▼ SMITE: You're Playing King Arthur WRONG! - Common Misconceptions & Mistakes

SMITE's King Arthur, the new warrior, is facing a fair amount of criticism regarding his abilities, skillcap and other issues people have with playing him.

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publishedAt: 2019/01/13 13:45:19


SMITE Patch 6.1 Patch Notes for the upcoming Season 6 Patch. This part of the patch focuses on balance changes to items, gods and Conquest. Lots of items ...

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publishedAt: 2019/01/16 10:41:38

▼ SMITE: The Problem With The Freya Rework

SMITE's Freya was reworked in SMITE Patch 5.13. Since her rework, she has been performing extremely well and has generally been considered a high or top ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/12/12 09:34:18

▼ SMITE: Whatever Happened To Nemesis

Nemesis' history of changes in SMITE has always been a bit of a rollercoaster. Today we're going through all the changes from season 1 to season 5 that led to ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/12/03 09:17:35

▼ SMITE: What Went Wrong With Hera

Talking about SMITE's newest goddess, Hera with her minion Argus and the problems that she has upon release. Also comparing her stats to a similar god and ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/10/16 11:17:16

▼ SMITE: We Need To Talk About Season 6 PTS!

SMITE Season 6 with the newest god, Merlin, is coming to SMITE soon and it should be something we look forward to. Unfortunately, as of now, the way PTS is ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2019/01/28 11:03:21

▼ Why Smite's New UI Should NOT Be Used In The PC Version! [RANT!]

Talking about SMITE's new UI, the interface for the entire menu that will be coming with the next patch. Here's why the console version of the UI does NOT work ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2018/12/10 10:25:21

▼ SMITE: Regarding HiRez's Current Ban And Report Policy..

HiRez's current ban and report policy in SMITE mostly revolved around an escalating suspension system, starting with a 3 day suspension, then a week and ...

channelTitle: DukeSloth
publishedAt: 2019/01/29 11:11:30

▼ SMITE: The WORST Defense Item

Talking about SMITE's worst defense item and why it is so bad. http://bit.ly/2hjNaPT Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe.. or don't, if you don't feel like …(YouTubeで読む)

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publishedAt: 2018/11/08 05:33:17