▼ Chozoth

Welcome! I mostly use this channel to watch and comment on videos, but feel free to look around.

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/06/01 22:33:38

▼ Super Mario Hardcore

I changed the first stage of Super Mario to make it more challenging. I named it Super Mario Hardcore, but it's not that hard. Download here: channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/06/06 05:34:32

▼ Super Mario Bros - The minus world and beyond

This is a video where I explore the other levels after -1. To do this I used a level editor which is explained in the video. 1000000 views! Amazing, I never thought this video would have...

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/10/24 07:57:16

▼ Super Mario Bros - Alternate runs for world -3

Some alternate runs for level -3. Nester savefile for playing -3 http://rapidshare.com/files/147491298/SMB.ss9.html Edited with SMB Uti…(YouTubeで読む)

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/10/24 09:05:53

▼ Phoenix Wright - Mega Wright

The intro to Megaman II mixed with Phoenix Wright.

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2008/05/15 09:52:58

▼ Phantasy Star Universe - Portable Day

This is the climax of the Phantasy Star Portable Day event. Participants are spamming the keyword to gain the right to earn a prize: Real Handgun+. My settings doesn't show all the people.

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2009/03/08 00:17:50

▼ Star Ocean: The Second Story

Awesome trailer for Star Ocean 2 from a Playstation demo.

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/07/05 03:27:58

▼ Elite Beat Agents - Luigi screams for HEEEAAALP

Luigi screams for HEEEAAALP! Commander Kahn picks up his distress call.

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/12/24 08:02:40

▼ Resan till Melonia - Caliban

You don't want to make this guy angry. Caliban finds the two villains of Plutonia who then starts 'the great drill'. Caliban - "Jasså... Det är här ni håller hus" Caliban - "Vi får...

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2008/02/20 06:27:38

▼ Maple Story NOOB 1

A sad (yet funny) story about a noob in maple story It's ok you can laugh at him, hes dead! =D Note: Him mispelling "fury" is an inside joke (a bad one at that -_-;;) Music: Lemon Demon...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/09/17 16:31:32

▼ GBA Games

Boy, back in my day we didn't have no fancy DS or PSP...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2009/04/06 16:51:05

▼ Maple Story NOOB 2: Interview

Note: I'm totaly sorry for the people i promissed credit for in the credits... all the names wouldn't fit -_-ll, but you name is SOMEWHERE in the move... ChozotheBozo is BACK and hes finding...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/09/19 08:46:06

▼ ChozotheBozo

Retired Youtube guy who just makes stupid videos about games nobody ever plays.

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/07/02 11:39:34

▼ MMBN 1-6!

omg its teh evolution of teh mega men! *thows mmbn 4 into ocean*

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/08/27 06:24:31


Volume is hanus; beware also dont miss the END ending ahh crud.. i got tagged by xLucasRoxs (I'm hating you so much right now) (also his new account is IcyBubbleTea) People I tag: Crimeinpartne...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2008/07/26 14:24:36

▼ My Top Videos

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2008/07/28 14:13:36

▼ BlazBrawl - A Double KO Site Promotion Video

IKE (Chozo) VS. CAPTAIN FALCON (Sonik)... oh wait ----- http://www.youtube.com/user/son1cwildfire (Sonik's youtube) ----- GO TO: channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2009/09/05 13:41:05

▼ Heavensgaurd - A Christmas Special

YaY! I'm alive! *gets stabbed* anyways... this was just a little something-something i suddenly made 1. This is for the guild (cuz the guild rocks) 2. This was to test my Fraps (still...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/12/10 17:54:10

▼ Maple Story NOOB 3: Round Trip to Nowhere

Note(important one): I DID NOT HACK, ANOTHER GUY ON THE SAME BOAT WAS HACKING WHEN I WAS INSIDE, WHEN I CAME OUT, THEY WERE LIKE THAT! Note: its gonna be damn hard to read some of the text...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/09/26 14:08:39

▼ Rooster Teeth Video Contest Entry by Chozothebozo

http://redvsblue.com/viewEntry.php?id=1486 Contest Details http://double-ko.blogspot.com/ Video De…(YouTubeで読む)

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2009/09/01 11:52:51

▼ MMBN 6 various PAs

Some program advances we love from megaman battle network 6.

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/07/04 06:13:47

▼ A much needed update video

YAY! I got my hands on a Dazzle! If you don't know what that is, it's basically an adapter that allows me to plug in the three console wires (you know, they yellow red and white wires) into...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2009/04/01 22:19:07

▼ [STWT] The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

Screw Through Walk Through of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne for the PS1 (also includes the intro video to the STWT series)

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2009/04/06 16:55:18

▼ Maple Story: Off Beat Oddity

Chozo and friends have gone insane, with a side dish of wierdness watch it! Note: i might make a squel if ths gets good ratings and i can get more audio clips -.-;; (little help here?)

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/12/24 10:02:27

▼ MMBN 4 various PAs

I. HATE. MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK 4! dont ask why I just do!

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/09/05 14:39:28