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Welcome! I mostly use this channel to watch and comment on videos, but feel free to look around.

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/06/01 22:33:38

▼ Super Mario Bros - Alternate runs for world -3

Some alternate runs for level -3. Nester savefile for playing -3 http://rapidshare.com/files/147491298/SMB.ss9.html Edited with SMB Uti…(YouTubeで読む)

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/10/24 09:05:53

▼ Super Mario Bros - The minus world and beyond

This is a video where I explore the other levels after -1. To do this I used a level editor which is explained in the video. 1000000 views! Amazing, I never thought ...

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/10/24 07:57:16

▼ Elite Beat Agents - Luigi screams for HEEEAAALP

Luigi screams for HEEEAAALP! Commander Kahn picks up his distress call.

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/12/24 08:02:40

▼ Star Ocean: The Second Story

Awesome trailer for Star Ocean 2 from a Playstation demo.

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/07/05 03:27:58

▼ Super Mario Hardcore

I changed the first stage of Super Mario to make it more challenging. I named it Super Mario Hardcore, but it's not that hard. Download here: ...

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2007/06/06 05:34:32

▼ Phoenix Wright - Mega Wright

The intro to Megaman II mixed with Phoenix Wright.

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2008/05/15 09:52:58

▼ Resan till Melonia - Caliban

You don't want to make this guy angry. Caliban finds the two villains of Plutonia who then starts 'the great drill'. Caliban - "Jasså... Det är här ni håller hus" ...

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2008/02/20 06:27:38

▼ Phantasy Star Universe - Portable Day

This is the climax of the Phantasy Star Portable Day event. Participants are spamming the keyword to gain the right to earn a prize: Real Handgun+. My settings ...

channelTitle: Chozoth
publishedAt: 2009/03/08 00:17:50

▼ Maple Story NOOB 1

A sad (yet funny) story about a noob in maple story It's ok you can laugh at him, hes dead! =D Note: Him mispelling "fury" is an inside joke (a bad one at that -_-;;) ...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/09/17 16:31:32

▼ ChozotheBozo

Retired Youtube guy who just makes stupid videos about games nobody ever plays.

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/07/02 11:39:34

▼ Dissidia Final Fantasy: Zidane vs. Gabaranth (annotated)

Aka: How I learned to stop worrying and love Kefka's stage Along side Ultimeca's stage, Kefka's Tower is the ultimate stage to laughably relate to Smash Brother ...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2009/10/04 08:54:11

▼ What is a STWT? (Taking Requests?)

Video is just there for eye candy, pay attention to the Audio) That's right! Screw Through Walk Through coming at you! Requests can be made through comments ...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2009/04/06 09:59:46

▼ [STWT] The Misadventures of Tron Bonne - Part 1 "Intro"

There is a lot of talking in this part... In this part we get the main controls down and we learn the basic story Also viewers may start requesting thing for part 3 in ...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2009/04/06 10:53:19

▼ Maple Story NOOB 2: Interview

Note: I'm totaly sorry for the people i promissed credit for in the credits... all the names wouldn't fit -_-ll, but you name is SOMEWHERE in the move.

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/09/19 08:46:06

▼ BlazBrawl - A Double KO Site Promotion Video

IKE (Chozo) VS. CAPTAIN FALCON (Sonik)... oh wait ----- http://www.youtube.com/user/son1cwildfire (Sonik's youtube) ----- GO TO: ...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2009/09/05 13:41:05

▼ YouTube Poop: IT BUUUURNS

I cant believe i really made one of these... the best thing is that Ganon is grammatically correct...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2007/11/17 11:48:04

▼ Maple Story: Off Beat Oddity

Chozo and friends have gone insane, with a side dish of wierdness watch it! Note: i might make a squel if ths gets good ratings and i can get more audio clips -.

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/12/24 10:02:27

▼ Maple Story NOOB 3: Round Trip to Nowhere


channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/09/26 14:08:39

▼ MMBN 6 various PAs

Some program advances we love from megaman battle network 6.

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/07/04 06:13:47

▼ GM Ban-fest: After effect

Man, back then, when this video was made, it was impossibly rare to see ANYBODY get banned... nowadays? psh This is what happens when GMs go crazy ...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2007/01/19 15:02:12

▼ MMBN 5 various PAs

1. yea i know i cheated to get some things, but at least i got the video done! 2. yea i know its not as good as MMBN6, thats cuz MMBN6 hogged all the PAs that ...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/08/14 07:32:34

▼ MMBN 1-6!

omg its teh evolution of teh mega men! *thows mmbn 4 into ocean*

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2006/08/27 06:24:31

▼ [STWT] The Misadventures of Tron Bonne - Part 3 "Tour Time"

Ok, I'm not THAT disappointed and pissed off at you guys, but comments like that give no productive value and is a waste of an opportunity to request something ...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2009/04/15 15:15:51

▼ DFO - Ancient Trigger Speed Testing (Female Gunner Awakening)

Oh snap, Female Gunners got their awakening skills today. I decided to test the speed of the Launcher (Demolitionist) awakening, and how to make it ...

channelTitle: ChozotheBozo
publishedAt: 2010/12/16 14:07:48