▼ Bandscapes

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2005/12/31 11:53:10

▼ Bandscapes

This composition is designed as a showcase for the sections of the band. It begins with a movement that highlights the full band and the individual woodwind, ...

channelTitle: Sy Brandon
publishedAt: 2015/01/02 00:51:42

▼ Playground shot live at Vamp'd (prev. Feelgoods) by BandScapes

channelTitle: BandscapesAgency
publishedAt: 2011/02/24 16:53:49

▼ Early Clover - represented by BandScapes

We did the demo for Clover at Addison's in the Rampart Casino here in Vegas October 2010.

channelTitle: Johnny Kenehan
publishedAt: 2010/11/10 03:51:41

▼ BandScapes, World Premiere by the Rio Rico High School Symphonic Band, composed by Mr. Sy Brandon.

Rio Rico High School Band performs the world premiere of Bandscapes by Sy Brandon, including poetry by Sy Brandon. Unfortunately, my camera cut out due ...

channelTitle: ChaosKeep
publishedAt: 2014/05/04 11:36:20

▼ Valk / Sternal Bandscapes + Ballade

Live in Köln, Sommer 2013 Sebastian Sternal (p) Claudius Valk (s)

channelTitle: eardrumrepairservice
publishedAt: 2014/02/24 07:06:54

▼ Tower of Doom BURN & PASS

www.tower-of-doom.com www.youtube.com/towerofdoomrecords www.myspace.com/bandstandph.

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2007/05/22 12:17:21

▼ QUESO - insekta

Provided By: http://youtube.com/hookasaii (please see full credits there) Thank you Queso! Pol C. @ Bandstand.ph.

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2007/06/01 13:46:35

▼ COG - Stabbing At The Shoulders of Giants

▼ PLANE DIVIDES THE SKY - Waves Calling to Embrace

www.myspace.com/PLANEDIVIDESTHESKY www.youtube.com/towerofdoomrecords www.myspace.com/bandstandph.

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2007/05/22 12:33:44

▼ Greyhoundz - Koro

Greyhoundz featuring Francis M & Gloc 9. www.myspace.com/Greyhoundz.

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2007/03/07 18:23:31


channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2009/11/06 10:48:00

▼ GREYHOUNDZ - Doble Kara

http://www.myspace.com/greyhoundz www.myspace.com/brgytibay www.myspace.com/bandstandph.

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2006/07/30 15:13:36

▼ Manny Amador "The Mad Dog" Tribute

Tribute Concert for "The Mad Dog" Manny Amador (d. July 22, 2011) - Celebrate the life and legacy of "The Mad Dog" Manny Amador: Oct.8,'11@19East ...

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2011/10/03 13:41:32

▼ VALLEY OF CHROME - Extinction Agenda

www.myspace.com/valleyofchrome www.youtube.com/towerofdoomrecords www.myspace.com/bandstandph.

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2007/05/22 13:20:14

▼ Greyhoundz - Monologue

anime by pol calinawan still images by Pulp OST by http://myspace.com/greyhoundz This video is just one of my "Video Study", and is not in any way an offici…(YouTubeで読む)

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2006/08/31 21:48:01

▼ PCR Mga Gitarista - Part 2


channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2008/03/28 13:36:48


myspace.com/quesopilipinas anime & encode by pol calinawan. OST from the album Cheese (Warner Phils) animated still images from pulp, etc.. This video is ...

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2006/08/27 12:48:30

▼ QUESO Pilipinas

www.myspace.com/quesopilipinas www.youtube.com/palakulista8 forums.bandstand.ph/index.php/topic,2417 www.myspace.com/bandstandph.

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2007/05/22 13:22:21

▼ SIN - Amorphosis

www.myspace.com/sincavite www.youtube.com/towerofdoomrecords www.myspace.com/bandstandph.

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2007/05/22 13:14:10

▼ sessiOnroad


channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2007/06/18 15:18:22

▼ E.R.F. ::: What You Got ::: Sinag

E.R.F. Interviews and video tracks - What You Got, and Sinag - recorded live at Kolumn Bar.

channelTitle: Bandscapes
publishedAt: 2007/03/05 21:28:26

▼ BandscapesAgency

BandScapes offers a variety of bands for conventions, events and local 'stage' venues. Contact Rico Madrid at rico@BandScapes.com or Johnny Kenehan at ...

channelTitle: BandscapesAgency
publishedAt: 2009/09/18 11:32:35

▼ WIP :: Medisina

WIP's second collab with Medisina is dropping on 08.27.16. This design is a play on textures, combining different elements to subtly define what Medisina stands ...

channelTitle: WIPCAPS
publishedAt: 2016/08/24 21:45:06

▼ Country Clips - Available in HD

Blonde Sided's country side clips all live from recent gigs. To book this exceptional band, email BandScapes Jean at jean@bandscapes.com or Johnny at ...

channelTitle: Johnny Kenehan
publishedAt: 2010/08/11 11:51:34