▼ Ann Coulter’s take on Syria, Trump’s foreign policy

Political commentator Ann Coulter on the U.S. airstrike in Syria and Neil Gorsuch's confirmation.

channelTitle: Fox Business
publishedAt: 2017/04/11 10:08:50

▼ Ann Coulter on Berkeley event: My allies ran away, gave in

Author and columnist goes on 'Hannity' to call on the GOP to win now instead of next time.

channelTitle: Fox News
publishedAt: 2017/04/27 12:01:53

▼ Coulter: I will give my speech, despite its cancellation

Author and commentator Ann Coulter sounds off on her scheduled speech at UC Berkeley being cancelled out of safety concerns, the latest incident where ...

channelTitle: Fox News
publishedAt: 2017/04/20 22:59:53

▼ Ann Coulter to speak at UC Berkeley

Ann Coulter says she's still planning to speak at UC Berkeley this week despite the University cancelling her event.

channelTitle: KTVU
publishedAt: 2017/04/25 08:33:05

▼ Will Ann Coulter show up at Berkeley anyway?

Berkeley officials warned students as they anticipated clashes between Coulter supporters and opponents after she cancelled her scheduled speech. But does ...

channelTitle: Fox News
publishedAt: 2017/04/28 10:01:56

▼ LIVE: Battle For Berkeley 4 Antifa / Ann Coulter

In this video, Luke Rudkowski is live on the ground at UC Berkeley, covering the Free Speech Rally. Ann Coulter was due to speak but has canceled her ...

channelTitle: WeAreChange
publishedAt: 2017/04/28 09:10:58


SUPPORT JOURNALISM. DONATE AT PATREON.COM/TIMCAST Earlier today it was announced that Ann Coulter would be force to cancel her event in ...

channelTitle: Tim Pool
publishedAt: 2017/04/27 07:00:00

▼ Ann Coulter on Trump's Victory

The pent-up rage against both parties, mostly over the issue of immigration, is the reason why Trump won, says author of Adios America. »»» Subscribe to The ...

channelTitle: The National
publishedAt: 2016/11/10 12:33:49

▼ FULL PRESS CONFERENCE: Berkeley Young Republicans SUE School Over Ann Coulter Speech Controversy FNN

Brought to you by Desert Diamond: http://ddcaz.com BERKELEY (AP) -- University of California, Berkeley students who invited Ann Coulter to speak on campus ...

channelTitle: FOX 10 Phoenix
publishedAt: 2017/04/25 06:04:11

▼ Ann Coulter on The Sean Hannity Radio Show (4/19/2017)

Ann Coulter joins the Sean Hannity show.

channelTitle: Citizen Of The Planet
publishedAt: 2017/04/20 06:19:16

▼ Judge Jeanine Pirro - First Amendment Under Attack - Ann Coulter

Judge Jeanine Pirro - First Amendment Under Attack - Ann Coulter =========================================== **Please Click Below to SUBSCRIBE ...

channelTitle: Mass Tea Party - Wake Up America!
publishedAt: 2017/04/23 10:39:18

▼ How Ann Coulter Beat Berkeley

Ann Coulter canceled her speech at Berkeley but wins anyway. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you how she beat Berkeley.

channelTitle: The Young Turks
publishedAt: 2017/04/27 13:30:00

▼ Ann Coulter on The Kevin Fox Show (4/11/2017)

Ann Coulter talks Syria, Berkeley and Free speech.

channelTitle: Citizen Of The Planet
publishedAt: 2017/04/12 10:47:49

▼ So Much News, So Little Time - Obama on Wall Street, Ann Coulter & a Senate Briefing: The Daily Show

Barack Obama makes bank on Wall Street, UC Berkeley cancels a speech from conservative pundit Ann Coulter, and the Senate gets a briefing on North ...

channelTitle: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
publishedAt: 2017/04/28 12:42:11

▼ Ann Coulter: In Trump We Trust | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: http://itsh.bo/10r5A1B Conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter joins Bill to discuss her support for Donald Trump in ...

channelTitle: Real Time with Bill Maher
publishedAt: 2016/10/18 07:06:01

▼ Bill Maher Goes Off On UC Berkeley's Treatment Of Ann Coulter: "Now The Cradle Of F*king Babies!" HD


channelTitle: iBankCoin.com
publishedAt: 2017/04/23 07:14:02

▼ Ann Coulter debates Trump's Syria bombing

Is "In Trump we Trust" still true? Can Trump come back around on this issue?

channelTitle: Hold My Attention
publishedAt: 2017/04/14 04:00:01

▼ Ann Coulter: I have no complaints about Trump presidency

Author of 'In Trump We Trust' and commentator sizes up the first month of the Trump presidency and his new immigration orders #Tucker.

channelTitle: Fox News
publishedAt: 2017/02/23 12:01:56

▼ Ann Coulter on The Sean Hannity Radio Show (4/21/2017)

Ann Coulter joins the Sean Hannity show | Mark Simone fills in for Hannity.

channelTitle: Citizen Of The Planet
publishedAt: 2017/04/22 07:44:58

▼ Ann Coulter speaks out against accepting refugees

Author goes on 'Hannity' to slam Germany's immigration policies, reacts after judge blocks President Trump's revised travel ban.

channelTitle: Fox News
publishedAt: 2017/03/18 12:02:19

▼ CRAZY Berkeley PROTEST Riot Police, Ann Coulter Speech, Donald Trump Supporters Rally Freedom Antifa

LIVE STREAM: Berkeley Protest, Ann Coulter Speech Donald Trump Supporters Rally Freedom of Speech, riot police, antifa berkeley Ealier: Pentagon inspector ...

publishedAt: 2017/04/28 12:51:00

▼ Liberal Fascism - Liberal Media Attack Hannity - Ann Coulter - Hannity

Liberal Fascism - Liberal Media Attack Hannity - Ann Coulter - Hannity =========================================== **Please Click Below to ...

channelTitle: Mass Tea Party - Wake Up America!
publishedAt: 2017/04/27 11:51:50

▼ ANN COULTER on Free Speech WAR with BERKELEY, ANTIFA Thugs, & Alpha Male TRUMP (Ep. 11 | Season 4)

On this exciting and timely episode of TheFallenState TV, syndicated columnist and New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter joins host Jesse Lee ...

channelTitle: TheFallenState
publishedAt: 2017/04/27 09:09:31

▼ FEMINIST CRINGE Triggered by ANN Coulter! SJW Snowflakes Cringe FAIL! Cry Baby Feminist

Feminist Cringe is still the best IMO! Feminist Triggered by Ann Coulter. Ann COulter Owns everyone in the audience! SJW Snowflakes offended by Ann Coulter!

channelTitle: Grey Disciple
publishedAt: 2017/04/22 00:00:00

▼ Gavin McInnes Reads Ann Coulter's Speech - UC Berkeley Rally 4/27/17 (April 27th 2017)

Gavin McInnes reads the speech Ann Coulter was supposed to give, at the UC Berkeley Free Speech rally on 4/27/17 (April 27th 2017). Ann Coulter's original ...

channelTitle: Joe In General
publishedAt: 2017/04/28 09:30:23