▼ 420 Day: What’s it all about? - The Feed

Some days divide our nation #AustraliaDay #InvasionDay. Some says bring us together. Happy 420 Day, everyone. Facebook: ...

channelTitle: SBS VICELAND
publishedAt: 2017/04/20 19:48:39

▼ Celebrating 4/20 with London's Weed Fanatics

Watch the first episode of SMOKEABLES: How to Make a Gravity Bong - http://bit.ly/28XSWBi All across the world, governments are rethinking their attitudes ...

channelTitle: VICE
publishedAt: 2015/04/21 03:47:51

▼ Weed day: Where did ‘420’ come from?

Cannabis expert Matthew Greene breaks down the myths and reveals where the phrase '420' actually originated.

channelTitle: Fox News
publishedAt: 2017/04/20 22:59:31

▼ 420 PHILIPPINES | A Day of Peace & Music Festival 4

420-2016 IS COMING!! THROWBACK 4-20-2015 420 PHILIPPINES "A Day of Peace & Music Festival 4" April 18, 19 & 20, 2015 Baluti Island, Real, Quezon ...

channelTitle: Sunday Sideline
publishedAt: 2016/03/17 10:48:28

▼ Worlds Biggest Open Marijuana Market 420

In this episode Theweedguy is in Vancouver, Canada for the 420 rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery. He purchases cannabis from the open air market, launches ...

channelTitle: Mark Klokeid
publishedAt: 2014/04/22 18:56:01

▼ Marijuana Enthusiasts Cram Hippie Hill In San Francisco For 4/20 Day

Thousands of marijuana enthusiasts descended onto and around the renowned Hippie Hill in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park for the annual 4/20 Day ...

channelTitle: CBS SF Bay Area
publishedAt: 2017/04/21 09:30:22

▼ Big Narstie & Stevo The Madman - 420 Day 2017 (Advert) | Grime Report Tv

420 day 2017 with Big Narstie, Stevo The Madman & More..... Subscribe to Grime Report TV http://goo.gl/oJfhn0 The Grime Report : http://www.(YouTubeで読む)

publishedAt: 2017/04/20 01:00:01

▼ Police Poke fun at 420 Day

April 20, 2017 isn't just a Thursday. It's 420 Day, an unofficial celebration of all things marijuana-related. The Wyoming, Minnesota police department, Minnesota ...

channelTitle: Wochit News
publishedAt: 2017/04/21 07:57:15

▼ 420 Day: Rick Simpson Oil - Miracle Cure

Welcoming a special guest today who is a producer of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) here in California. Someone close to me has a cancer which could be cured by ...

channelTitle: Lift the Veil
publishedAt: 2017/04/21 07:03:53

▼ The Biggest Spliff in 420 Hyde Park 2016

In this vlog I experienced my first ever 420 in Hyde Park with my other YouTuber friends and I bumped into people like Big Narstie on the day! Use my 10% ...

channelTitle: LifeOfAlpay
publishedAt: 2016/04/22 01:30:01

▼ 420 HotBox | Happy National Weed Day! | Katie Bean & TheDabSpot

HOTBOX VIDEO PART B: http://bit.ly/HOTBOTpartB Time for a 4/20 HotBox! Bean and I are celebrating National Weed Day with all of you in a smokey ass closet ...

channelTitle: Dab Spot
publishedAt: 2016/04/21 01:30:01


A huge smoke cloud whitens the sky, and a massive Cannabis cannon is passed around at 4:20 on 4/20 at Yonge Dundas square in Toronto.

channelTitle: caplin Grey
publishedAt: 2014/05/01 12:46:15

▼ Leeds Hyde park 420 celebrations. A cracking day with some lovely people. 🔥👍🏻👊🏻

Leeds Hyde park 420 celebrations. A cracking day with some lovely people.

channelTitle: Doctor Denz
publishedAt: 2017/04/21 05:31:50

▼ 420 Day SF 360 Video

360 video of people celebrating 420 Day at Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park. Video: Amanda Nelson via Fresco News.

channelTitle: KTVU
publishedAt: 2017/04/21 07:19:05

▼ 420: The Story of the Cannabis Code

Please like, share, and subscribe! Also check out 'The Science of Cannabis' (http://youtu.be/UNhvj6g8MWc), 'Road to Legal Cannabis in America 5' ...

channelTitle: endpotprohibition
publishedAt: 2014/04/20 18:36:18

▼ 420 420 Day 2017! – Happy 420 Day! Marijuana song – Firecreek Farms by The Hippie Outlaws!

Happy 420 Day 2017! – Happy Earth Day! Visit The Hippie Outlaws at: http://www.hippieoutlaws.com Celebrate Earth Day 2017 by growing the healing herb!

channelTitle: Billy Blumenthal
publishedAt: 2017/04/20 21:31:45

▼ 420 Day 2017 Hyde Park London Gopro

channelTitle: Jack De Luise
publishedAt: 2017/04/21 19:47:36

▼ The Far Side of 420 Day

The far side of 420 day takes us to some of the things that the number 420 conjures up and to some of the history of drug use... My apologies to my fellow ...

channelTitle: Linescrew1
publishedAt: 2017/04/20 14:20:44

▼ Happy National 420 Day!

Thanks to Wolfie, Omar, and Shazil for helping out! Lets celebrate with weed! ▽LINKS BELOW▽ ▽Info: Beatmap: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/59936 Omaru: ...

channelTitle: TimZ|Classwork
publishedAt: 2017/04/21 03:52:42

▼ Wiz Khalifa Live on 4:20 2016! Part 1

Lol he's high as fuck at the end :P Love it! Subscribe for more man! This live comes from: https://www.periscope.tv/wizkhalifa Let's take a bong rip #…(YouTubeで読む)

channelTitle: Below RS
publishedAt: 2016/04/21 04:45:50

▼ why smoke weed? [HAPPY 420 2017 Film!!]

It's officially 420 day 2017!!!!!! So amped and baked, my first 420 as a weedtuber and wanted to put something a lil special out, why we even smoke in the first ...

channelTitle: Stoned Alone
publishedAt: 2017/04/21 03:03:12

▼ Canada 420 Day Festival [April 20, 2016] Parliament Hill, Ottawa

HAPPY 420 DAY @Everyone!! Watch as those crazy Canuckers count-down to 420 and burn one down with 1000s of their closest friends on a sunny afternoon ...

channelTitle: Enhance Your Calm
publishedAt: 2016/04/21 13:13:32

▼ HAPPY 420 Day 2017 from Donald J. Trump

HAPPY 420 Day 2017 from Donald J. Trump now we know what the J. stands for .... All Original Music by LSN Studio "Trump Care" "Fake News" "Trump ...

publishedAt: 2017/04/20 23:24:12

▼ 420 Day Hyde Park

420 Day Hyde Park.

channelTitle: Richl online4u
publishedAt: 2017/04/21 02:44:44

▼ 4/20 Inspired Children's Books

Ellen came across some baked books that are perfect for this annual day, or any day you might have the munchies.

channelTitle: TheEllenShow
publishedAt: 2017/04/20 22:01:00

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20th L'Anniversary LIVE -Day2- [ L'Arc-en-Ciel ]
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☆TB◆JIM SHORE フィギュア スヌーピー&ウッドストック RAINY DAY(支社倉庫発送品)
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メモリー Battpit? Laptop / Notebook Battery Replacement for Samsung NP-R420 Series (4400 mAh) with FREE 8GB Battpit? USB Flash Drive 輸入品
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額のサイズ 570mm×420mm絵のサイズ 415mm×265mm技法 オフセットフレーム素材 天然木アクリル板使用作品状態 新品 カブセ箱付きオリジナル製作年 1960年アーティスト 不明L.Aか… (続きを読む)


ミアズコレクション 925 スターリングシルバー カフ バングル ブレスレット 420 - (5 mm)
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アメフトタイタンズNFL San Diego Chargers Stainless Steel BBQ Set with Bag(US輸入品)
■商品詳細※以下、原文ママ(ご不明な点はお気軽にお問い合わせ下さい)Officially licensed NFL product420 grade stainless steel BBQ set f… (続きを読む)


メモリー Battpit? Laptop / Notebook Battery Replacement for Samsung NP-420 (5200 mAh) with FREE 16GB Battpit? USB Flash Drive 輸入品
■お届けについてこの商品は海外取り寄せ商品です。お届けまで2〜3週間前後いただいております。■商品説明(原文)Type: 11.1 Volt Li-ion Laptop BatteryCapacity… (続きを読む)


【PANDORA】パンドラ Day Dream Charm with Clear CZ
世界で一番幸せな国といわれるデンマークの文化を盛り込んだジュエリーブランド「パンドラ(PANDORA)」1982年にデンマーク・コペンハーゲンの小さな工房で誕生し、現在は世界50ヶ国以上で販売されてい… (続きを読む)


【PANDORA】パンドラ Day Dream Charm with Red CZ
世界で一番幸せな国といわれるデンマークの文化を盛り込んだジュエリーブランド「パンドラ(PANDORA)」1982年にデンマーク・コペンハーゲンの小さな工房で誕生し、現在は世界50ヶ国以上で販売されてい… (続きを読む)


Awo-Lamps?DT00471 リプレイスメント Bulb/ランプ with ハウジング for HITACHI HIT『汎用品』(海外取寄せ品)
Awo-Lamps?DT00471 リプレイスメント Bulb/ランプ with ハウジング for HITACHI HITACHI CP-S420 CP-X430 CP-X430W CP-MCX25… (続きを読む)


メモリー Battpit? Laptop / Notebook Battery Replacement for Samsung NP-R420 Series (6600 mAh) with FREE 16GB Battpit? USB Flash Drive 輸入品
■お届けについてこの商品は海外取り寄せ商品です。お届けまで2〜3週間前後いただいております。■商品説明(原文)Type: 11.1 Volt Li-ion Laptop BatteryCapacity… (続きを読む)


【デイトナ[DAYTONA]】 ニッシンNISSINラジアルクラッチマスターシリンダー 【64207】 縦型19Ф [ゴールドボディ/ブラックレバー]金/黒送料無料
ピストンを縦型にすることでレバーレシオを大きくとり油圧レシオを小さく設定することで入力ロスの低減を図りクラッチのコントロール性を向上! ボディは鋳造仕様にすることで大幅なコストダウンを図りリーズナブル… (続きを読む)


デイトナ(DAYTONA) [74294] フェンダーレスキット XJR1300/1200 74294
【商品説明】●商品番号:74294●YAMAHA●XJR1300 (5EA/5UX) 98-06 : XJR1200 / R (4KG) 94-97●●XJR1300(07-08)(FI車)は不可。●… (続きを読む)


セイコー 腕時計 NEW Seiko ALBA Riki AKPK420 FREE EMS speedpost

Brand: SeikoGender: Men's メンズFeatures: Day/Date, Water Resistant


Water Resistance Rating: 100 m (10 ATM)Case Material: Stainless SteelBrand: TissotCase Color: Si… (続きを読む)


ティソ 腕時計 NEW TISSOT T-TOUCH EXPERT SOLAR メンズ WATCH T091.420.47.057.00 T0914204705700 送料無料
Brand: TISSOTStyle: Luxury: Sport StylesGender: Men's メンズAge: Modern (2000-present)Features… (続きを読む)


ティソ 腕時計 NEW TISSOT NBA EDITION T-TOUCH EXPERT SOLAR T091.420.47.207.00 T0914204720700 送料無料
Brand: TissotBand Material: Silicone/RubberGender: Men's メンズFeatures: Water Resistant up to… (続きを読む)


ティソ Tissot メンズ 時計
新品正規品です。Brand: TissotCase Size: 45mmGender: Men'sModel: Tissot T-TouchMPN: T091.420.44.041.00Mo… (続きを読む)